Sunday, July 8, 2007

lions and tigers and....butterflies!!


celebrated my daughters fifth birthday on friday!!! WOW...where does
the time go??? It was so much fun...we held it at Heritage Ranch and
the kids went on a horse drawn wagon was just some good old
fashioned fun!!! Had a dumb moment...what else is new!!! I booked this
party about a month ago and on a friday...thinking yeah, we can have it
on a friday because it's summer holidays and everyone is out!!! So all
day thursady...the day before the party... I am out shopping and
getting everything I need and getting it all the supplies all prettied
up and organized. At about 11pm it hits...OMgosh...we're having her
birthday on Friday...Jason is at work...he doesn't get summer
holidays!!!! He has always been apart of the kids' parties...but more
impotantly...I have always had an extra 2 hands!!! We do the divide and
conquer thing quite well!!! He was able to come for the last bit of
it....cake and cleanup...LOL!!! But all the kids had so much fun!!!

forgot to take pictures of my Martha Stewart moments...but as the theme
was good old fashioned fun...I bought wooden train whistles and tops,
gumballs, and yoyo's tied them up into a bandana and then tied them to
a stick...Jay went out and cut sticks for me off some trees for me!!!
The kids loved them!!! Here's some pictures...

And on Saturday we went up to the Calgary Zoo...and this was a lot of
fun!!! We went once before when I was preganant and Jay's parents were
with us...and we only did half of the zoo!! It was sooooooooooo hot and
a lot of the animals were hiding because of the heat!!! So this time
was was only about 20C, so all the animals were out...the
kids had a blast!!! We also took my 14 year old brother and my 15 year
old nephew...they ditched us!!! LOL!! So here are some picutres from

Dakota and Haillee wanted every plaque read and wanted to listen to every information phone they had at all the exhibits!!!

this was a cave in the dinosaur's a total remake of the disappearing hoodoos and pretty cool!!
and a huge tree that the kids just had to get on!!

and she's just Delainey!!
more pictures from the Dinosaur walk

This is probably my favourite photo...mine and Jason's favourite part
is the butterfly conservatory...this butterfly was just sitting on one
of the feeding benches!
I just loved the flock of flamingo's...such a cool colour!!!

suspension bridge...which the Jay and the wayward teenagers enjoyed
trying to launch into to some crazy out of control swinging motion!!!
LOL!!another photo from the dinosaur walk...thought it was cool!!

and this was a tropical garden in the butterfly conservatory...I just
loved the gate...and I caught the biggest Koi in the pond turning in
the background. The rest of the photo's are from various parts of the
butterfly conservatory...just loved it!!

and this is my favourite-ist flower in the whole world!!!! I love how the photo turned out!!! I am done!!! Don't forget to stop by OLW
for the posting of the fave's on Monday!!! And the new challenge word
comes out on Wednesday!!! So definitely be checking that out!!! This
week is my word choice!!! hope to see ya'll playing!!

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