Monday, July 2, 2007

ummmm.... update?? what's that?? okay...the truth?? I have nothing
to blog about...well nothing excpet the mundane!!! Moments that I
love...but honestly do YOU really want to hear about it?? It's just day
to day and more "my kids are cuter than yours" kind of moments!! LOL!!!

a fabulous Canada Day long weekend!!! I have done no scrapbooking since
the last OLW challenge...I know...I am super inspired, just not
inpsired to scrapbook!! Inspired to enjoy the day...enjoy my kids and
their summer I guess I am taking a little artistic break!
But back to Canada Day weekend...ours started Firday....went to Calgary
to hand in Jay's passport application...didn't take that long for him
either!! And I got to pick mine up!! WOOHOO!! This is exciting...I am
legal to travel anywhere!!

Jay bought me a bike on
Saturday...yup...finally convinced me to get a bike!! After a birthday
party the kids went to, we went for a family bike ride!!! OMGosh...I
forgot how much fun riding has been like 8 years!!! O
yeah...we bought my son a new bike as he had outgorwn his other
one(which we bought only a year ago!!)...this one we passed on to

Sunday we spent the day at the beach...Discovery
Canyon is a fabulous little place in Red Deer with a cool little tube
run that comes down into a big kids have so much fun there!!!
This was followed up with a BBQ of hamburgers, hot dogs, asparagus,
corn on the cob, bbq'd potatoes, tossed salad, and a Canada Day
chocolate cake. We had my cousin come over with her kids and a friend
of hers. It was so much fun!!! We finished the night with some
sparklers and instead of going to the overcowded city park to watch the
fireworks...we climbed onto our apartment roof and watched them!!! That
was cool!!!

And kids played outside all day...and I
went shopping with my mom ...and my husband got to go fishing!!! It was
a fabulous weekend...and filled with a lot of really good family
moments...the ones that just make you smile and let you know you're
doing something like I said....everyday to you...but
everything to me!!! And now I seriously have nothing left to babble I am going to veg on the the couch, wait for my husband to
come home from fishing, and go to bed!!

Have a fabulous night ladies!!!

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