Friday, August 17, 2007

uh-huh!! it's me!!

did y'all fall on the floor when you saw that my blog had been updated for the 3rd time this week?? and no it hasn't been hi-jacked by some more responsible-on the ball kind of blogger truly is me!!! LOL!!
but look...
i found a little package in my mailbox this morning and i thought to myself...i haven't ordered anything lately (yes...this has no willpower and falls for enabling of any kind...has stepped up to the plate in the event of purchasing a home and put myself on a b..b...b...bud..budget!!! alright...gasp...more gasping... and some more falling to floor...are you done??? get over it!!) and everything that is supposed to have come to me has what the heck??

flipped it over and read the return sender's my girl chrissy!! what a sweetheart...a little pkg of goodies to say...hey, thinking of you!! thank you!!! totally brightened my day and made me smile!!

wanna see what i have been working on since my last post?? i have all my daily somethings up to date!! and they are all...a la chrissy style!!! (if you click on each image you can read the journaling)

so off to do some desparately needed grocery shopping and laundry...have a fabulous evening ladies!!


  1. Your daily somethings are great!! I love those frames too. I got the same sweet surprise, and it made my day as well... okay, off to finish the blog reading, you have sooo many updates this week!! LOL...

  2. Fab lay outs lovely work Dawnx