Tuesday, August 7, 2007

what?? I know how to blog??? oh yeah!!!

Hello!! Yes I remembered that I have a blog and surprisingly enough...I still know what to do with one!!! LOL!! I have a bunch of stuff to share with you!!!

First off...Linda and Ronda tagged me as a rockin' blog gal!!! Who knew that my whenever I get around to it kind of blogging style would get me recognized??? Thanks ladies...you know I think you both rock!!!

So to pay it forward I an going to name...




Alright, there have been a few things going on around here...I have my kidlets home again!! We went to pick them up this weekend and spent 4 days on the shuswap hanging out, boating and camping!! Good times!!!

And lastly...Don't forget about OLW...the new word is up...SEEK...and this one is special to me!!! I changed my mind at the last minute on what my project was going to be and I actually ended up posting my LO a little late...but I got it up!! I just found out my sister has been diagnosed with Lupis...and is being tested, as well, for MS and other nerve disorders...and I all I can say to that is...that sucks!! It's bad enough to have one uncurable disease...but posibly two??? Yeah...totally not fair!!! My sister has had a tough walk to...she has had some major bumps in her road and it's made her a hard person...we have never been super close or even gotten along all that well...but we have always been there for each other when it matters...I just can't believe she has to walk an even tougher road for rest of her life!! So this week's word is a dedication from me to my sister!!! I'n not crazy about the design of the page...seems I have been in a scrapping slump lately...but this page isn't about the design...it's about the journaling.

Short and sweet today...Have a fabulous day friends...seek happiness and beauty today!!!


  1. hey chick cool new logo on the rocking blog sista !!!! k check out my blog coz you have a tag on it!!lol

  2. I hear congrats are in order!!! Hope everything goes well with the deal and stuff...nice touching layout Jessi...see u in Sept!