Thursday, October 18, 2007

it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

so i was reading a few of my favourite blogs this morning....(and people are probably falling off their chairs seeing that i commented since it's been so darn long!!!)...i came across cheryl's and it was adorable and sweet and really makes you want to go outside and and just take in the moment!! than i get to chrissy's blog and i am seeing a theme...she blogged about what she's enjoying right now, this second...and again i have this urge to go and find the little things to rejoice in!!!

the one thing i have always been is grateful...for each day...each season...each person in my family!! not to say there isn't the odd time i don't take it all for granted...but one of my favourite things to do is take the time and enjoy what's around with that being said and in keeping with the are things that i am grateful for right now (thanks chrissy and cheryl!!!)

my sunporch...a beautiful view of the sunrise every morning

the quiet...enjoying the peace

highway2A...the secondary highway into Red's rolling landscapes and beautiful warm fire like colours of fall (yes...i am finally giving in to the idea of being a permanent resident of alberta and seeing the beauty that is here!!!)

nuggles...delainey's sweet demand for "snuggles" right now!!!

MY house...even though it is still in chaos hell, it's mine and it's beautiful!!

books...the willingness my son has and his enjoyment to use the skills he is being taught at school to learn to read...and to pick up books that aren't "easy readers" and try with all his heart to read what he can

isn't it bee-utiful?? my daughters saying for every little, weeds, ladybugs, clouds, grass...she sees beauty in everything and shares how she sees it.

morning 5 minutes of french vanilla maxwell house coffee and a chair. to sit, drink, smell , enjoy, see, and reflect on all that i have in my life

my family...i thank God every morning i wake up to them

so as i sit here typing this...these are the things that come to mind when i ask myself...what am i grateful for??

what are yo grateful for?? would love to know!!!

another thing i am grateful for....scrapbooking...and all that is has given OLW and Lotus Paperie!!

Word Up at OLW...this week it was my choice in words...i chose a word that was completely inspired by my weekend at crop for kids...believe, you can check it out photo for the pic is on jason's computer and i am too lazy to take another pic!!!

Lotus Paperie had another sketch go up last friday...again...had so much fun working with a sketch!!! you can go here to see my LO and sketch...give her some love and let her know you were there checking it out!!! and make sure you check back tomorrow...a new sketch and set of design team projects will get posted!!!

alright ladies...i am off to clean my bathroom and finish up a project for a class (it's the interactive frame) at Scrapbooker's Paradise tomorrow night...

O...for those ladies who might be reading this and wondering about when my classroom will be up and week i am starting all my prep work...i am hoping to be running classes out my guest house by January...please keep checking back for information and updates. For those of who don't know and are local and somewhat local (heck...even if you aren't local and want to travel....LOL!!!) I am turning my guest house into a soon as I get the okay form the town and can putt ogehter a calendar and get some product in i will be opening my doors!!! hope to see some of you there!!! if you have any questions please email me...there is a an email link on my sidebar!!!



  1. love this post! I am so into your word Believe and already have a very cool project in mind using the mini's Karla showed us how to make. I can't wait!

  2. How very COOL to have a guest room you can use for classes!! That is just so neat!!! I'm jealous...
    Love your whole post today. Glad I inspired you just a teensy weensy bit.
    LOVE the OLW word this time around. Hoping to work on it this weekend sometime.
    Have a beautiful weekend!!

  3. I wanna see your class projects too. :) Very cool to have a guest house as a classroom!

  4. hi girl, i love reading all the things you are thankful for. ... sorry i haven't been around much, i haven't been a good blog surfer lately - just not enough time in the day ... i am so excited to hear your idea about teaching, that is freaking cool. wish i lived closer ... i would come and play for sure. good luck with getting it all ready!
    i haven't had a cj for a while .... are there any due this way? i still have 2 to finish
    luv chanel