Saturday, October 27, 2007

jacob's ladder instructions-csc4k

i was going to post all the classes at once...but that would make for a seriously long post!!! so i am going to give you the ladder instructions and my next post will have the LO's. Before I give you the instructions, tho...there was a lady who had paid to take my LO class...but due to a small mix up with my class was oversold and by the time she got to my class i had no kits left and had to send her back down to the registration desk so they could fix the problem!!! she wanted to register for my jacob's ladder class...but it was sold i told her i would email her the instructions and pictures for both the ladder and the LO's...and I did, but unfortunately the emails kept coming back to me...saying that the email address i was given was not valid. so if this lady happens to be reading my blog...please email me so i can send you the instructions!!! they are ladies!!!

Jacob’s Ladder

 Supplies Used

Mod Podge
Journaling pen
Photo writer

8 wooden blocks cut to 3x3 ( i used plywood but MDF works too, anything that will give some weight)

8 photo's cropped to a 3x3 size

8 pieces of pattern paper cut to a 3x3 size

 Instructions for the Ladder

 *cut your pattern papers to 8 3x3 squares, 2 of each pattern. Trim your photo’s to a 3x3 size

*glue your pattern paper to 4 of your wooden blocks on each side and glue your photo’s to both sides of the remaining 4 blocks

Classes_006 Classes_007
*sand the edges of your blocks to blend the edges of the paper into the wood

*Use stickers and paper tags to embellish the pattern paper covered wooden blocks and journal where needed

 Putting the Ladder Together

1. Place the first block on a table. Attach a length of ribbon to one end of the block with a nail. The ribbon should be centered on the block. Then nail the two side ribbons to the opposite end of the first block; set in each side tape 1/16 in. from the block's edges. Lay the ribbons across the face of the block so the two side tapes go in the opposite direction to the center tape, as shown in the top drawing at right.

2. Place a second block on top of the first and wrap the ribbons around the block (see the second drawing at right). Pull the ribbons snug, but not too tight, making sure no ribbon is twisted. (If the ribbons are too tight, the blocks won't flow when you operate the toy.) Tip the block on end and nail each tape with a nail.

3. Continue adding blocks and attaching ribbons with nails to the alternating ends of each block until you reach the top of the stack (see the bottom drawing at right). Trim the excess tape from the ends when the last block is in place. If everything is done right, when you look at the ends of the blocks, you should see a pattern of single tape, double tape, single tape, and so on. Since there's no glue to dry, try the toy out right away.

Dokotas_last_soccer_game_016 okay...i do have pictures for the "putting it together" part...i downloaded them from the internet and for whatever reason i can not make them work on my blog!!! so if you want to make one these and you want the pictures as a guide for putting it together email me and I will send them to you, or you can check out this site here, or this site here, or this site here

things to note when putting this ladder together....

*every place the ribbon touches the sides of the wooden blocks you will nail ( as you're building this you will be like...what?? if i nail it here and here how does the thing work?? it does work...just remember this ladder is magic!!! it has entertained children and adults for centuries!!!)

*make sure that when you're wrapping the ribbon around the blocks you are always wrapping upwards...your first one can be a bit confusing...but they are easier to build than they look and sound. my class was an hour and half and most people were done building theirs  ( this includes gluing the paper and embellishing) in about an lady was even done in about 40 minutes!!!

* your first and last block are the only 2 blocks that will have 3 nails on EACH side...the rest will alternate 2 nails and 1 nail.

*make sure you don't put any embellishments over the the ribbons, except on the first block as this is the only block that is stationary...the ribbons do not move on this block, or the ladder won't work!! also keep your embellishments flat...bulky embellishments will affect how the ladder works

My first jacob's ladder took me about 4 hours to put together because i kept getting my ribbon's mixed up!!! i got my original idea from creating keepsakes...Erin Lincoln made a mini album jacob's ladder ...and I had to make one just like it!!! I still haven't added pictures and journaling to my album day, LOL!!!! but here is my version of erin's


alright everyone!!! have a fabulous weekend and if you do make one don't forget to show everyone how turned out!!! anyone local who wants extra help putting one together email me and for the rest of you if you have any questions, let me know and I will see what i can do to help you out!!! and to answer the obvious question...YES THEY DO WORK!!!they are so much fun!!! i made one for each of my kids last christmas for putting in their stockings!!!



  1. OOOOH Mama, those are so frickin' cute! I'm beginning to embrace the whole mini-album and altered things perspective a little more. I think I'm gonna hafta make me one of those! Thanks for sharing chica!
    Happy Sunday

  2. This is really cool Jessi! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. This is really cool Jessi! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Oh WOW!! How cool is that? I love it!!!

  5. Oh WOW!! How cool is that? I love it!!!