Tuesday, October 23, 2007

quirks of an old house

okay...so we have been here for 3 weeks now...and now is when we start to discover all those things that are never mentioned in a sale...

things like...no pressure in the shower and the hot water can be turned an full blast...no cold...and it's barely lukewarm. thank god I married a plumber!!! the temperature on the hot water is an easy fix...turn it up...but who turns their hot water tank down that low?? still working on the water pressure!!

umm...we have a permanent house guest...well at least until it starves to death...we have a cricket!!! he lives somewhere in the mechanical room and we barely even hear him chirp anymore...in fact...it has been a couple a days of not hearing him...hmmm....maybe we should have a moment of silence to mourn the loss of our unwanted house guest!!! LOL

we also have bats!!! thankfully not in the house...but they live in our tree that grows through our deck...the bright side?? keeps the insect level to a minimum!!!

this house has previously had an electrical fire!! how did we find out?? when we took that wall down in our kitchen we discovered old bead board ceilings and i wanted to know if there was more and jason had to move some of the wiring that was in the wall that came down...so up into the attic he went. discovered the insulation had been turned to glass and the some of the bead board peaking thru on the ceiling where the wall used to be had odd black marks. this would have been a awhile ago though...the house has all brand new electric...go figure!!!

windows have been dry walled over!!!! they are still there...windows intact...just covered up...maybe in some lame effort to save on heating costs...who knows...our downstairs door met the same fate as some of those windows!!

but this is the fun!!! getting to know our house and it's quirks!! and fixing the ones that need to fixed!!! I am sad to say that we are unsure of whether or not there is original bead board across the whole of kitchen ceiling...we haven't decided if we want to pull the drywall down and find out...the bonus of it not being there after pulling the drywall down would be....a new FLAT ceiling, no more popcorn...or vaulted ceilings!!! ooooo....i feel a reno coming on!!! LOL!!

want to hear something funny?? we have one phone jack and 5 or 6 cable hook ups!!!!

okay...to those who are patiently waiting for the instructions for my classes from crop 4 kids...i apologize for not having them up last week, like promised...but i will post them by friday...i need some time to gather the pictures and instructions and I need some computer time...no demanding kids running around...it's taken me about 4 days to get this post posted, LOL!!!

have a fabulous night ladies!!!


  1. Glad you are enjoying your new house - quirks and all! Have a wonderful day! Kim

  2. you HAVE to take pictures of all the wierd crap you find along the way.
    I so wish I had more pictures of my house...it was new, so no cool discoveries or anything, but just to have a few more pictures would be great.
    Have fun with all your finds!
    Hopefully, the rest will be all good ones.

  3. Your most recent post reminded me of when we found "our" house. We first saw it in January 1995. We walked around inside, then walked around outside. On the way back into the house, my husband asked me which room the stained glass window was in. "There is no stained glass window" was my reply. Darn, I hate being wrong! They PANELED over a stained glass window in the dining room! Needless to say that was the first thing we did (right after ripping the Sanitest off the bedroom walls and the dog-stained carpets out of the entire house!)! A month or two after we moved in we walked a couple of blocks over and saw another identical house like ours (we live in an old custom-built neighborhood). They ALSO sided over three big windows in the sun parlor!!! We had already put floor to ceiling oak bookshelves in this room and converted it into a library so the windows were not returning...
    Enjoy the rest of your adventure!

  4. hehehe. I had a BRAND SPANKING NEW house, woke up the first morning I was there to find my kitchen covered (not joking here). Wall to Wall Ants. Yuck. The house was built on top of the biggest colony of
    Ants you can imagine, and apparently the inspector did properly inspect the foundation. Thank GOD I am married to a General Contractor.....

  5. bats are a really good sign :) they bring luck and learning. and keep the insects down. it means your house is a safe place.

  6. ah yes, our houses sound so similar!! We have discovered sooo many weird quirks here too, but hey, it is character right? HAve fun with the home repairs, and hope those bats stay put out in the tree! (um, we have had two in the house... freaked me the heck out i will tell you!)

  7. Bats are really cool, we have them too. Do keep an eye out and make sure that they don't get into your house (I mean end up living in it) because their feces can make you very sick. They do help with the bugs though. :)

  8. But isn't that the beauty of the house, finding out its story. It's character. I hope you are taking pictures my friend!

  9. But isn't that the beauty of the house, finding out its story. It's character. I hope you are taking pictures my friend!

  10. Oh yeah...there's always those nice little surprises when you move into a new house! Still sounds like you have a wonderful place, though!