Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ready for some scrappy goodness??

WORD UP!!! new word at olw!!! gigi picked DELIGHT and it was such a fun word to work with!!! this week is sponsored by fontwerks and they sponsored the whole design it was fun working with their product!!! wanna hear a funny story??

well back in September...i was at scrapfest helping trisha out, promoting crop 4 kids and this lady does some amazing things with page frames design products!! she has totally rocked out their new clear mini albums...she has this beautiful one done in black, white, and silver and all the photo's are on transparencies. totally cool!! unfortunately these albums are hot commodities and hard to come by!! but my favourite scrap store up in edmonton, treasured memories, happened to have some at the vendor yup...i bought 2 of them!!! my cousin scammed me out you can check out her mini here. so the funny part??

well i thought perfect would a min album be for the word DELIGHT??? and i so wanted to play with my clear an idea was born!!! so i got to work right away...thinking...WOOHOO!! i'm ahead of the game and my album was done 2 weeks before i moved and obviously well ahead of todays post!!! i told ronda all about it and how much i loved it and that it was all clear. I printed all my photo's on transparencies and used hambly and some heidi bling!!! i was so excited!!! than it occurred to me...wasn't delight a sponsored word??? so i posed the question to ronda...and she was like...o man!!! why didn't we think of this earlier??? a big ol' DUH!!!!

so i had to keep it hidden until after todays word went here is my LO for OLW using fontwerks product

and here is my clear album...DELIGHTING in my life

okay so the journaling is hard to read through the computer...a lot easier in real life...and the album comes with tabbed pages, so i divided  the content of my album into catagories; in motherhood, as a wife, as a woman, and  familyScrap_stuff_024

journaling reads:delighting in being a mother! this is my biggest most defining moment! you 3 bring me more delight than i could ever could have imagined. i love you!! being that the photo's are's hard to see on the computer...but it is a picture of all my kids


journaling reads: delighting in you, delighting in our love...delighting in being your wife Scrap_stuff_028 journaling reads: my joy, my love, my rock, my star, my forever Scrap_stuff_029 journaling reads: it is a delight to rediscover the woman in amongst my many roles in life. a journaey that hasn't always been easy....but one that is still ongoing Scrap_stuff_030 journaling reads: simple delights. simple joys. simply family i still have 2 pages to finish...another one for as a woman section and the back cover...but i ran out of coloured ink for my printer, LOL!!!

these albums are sooooooooo much fun to work with...and i highly recommend that if you can get your hands on one...DO SO!!! i managed to score a couple more at the crop 4 kids vendor i will have more to show eventually...and I am going to try some different stuff. non transparent photo's or something!!

alright ladies...HAPPY HALLOWEEN...i have jack sparrow, belle, and tinkerbell staying as houseguests...who do you have as guests tonight??


  1. oh Jessy, this is such a wonderful album! Love your journaling, love the colors! Everything seems perfect!!
    I love to see your work!
    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland!

  2. WOW,WOW,WOW..... amazing.... love those little albums and good for you for being ahead of the game.... now I don't feel so bad... Have a great night!
    ps love your layout for OLW too!

  3. I have not gotten my hands on any of these albums yet, but I may have to this weekend. I keep seeing allthe cool creations with them!
    I LOVE your Delight layout.GORGEOUS!!!

  4. I love your delight mini album! It is awesome! Now you have two great projects that show your delights!

  5. Awesome album girl!!!!!!! beautiful.

  6. Jessi Jessi Jessi... man I am LOVING that mini album! What you created is amazing. You know I love the colors too... heehee. I feel like that journaling says so many of the things I am thinking and feeling right now too. Great job, and the Delight LO is cool as well!

  7. Wow! Your mini album is amazing! Such a cool idea! Loving your OLW layout too! Have a great weekend! Kim

  8. wow...totally beautiful...Love that mini.

  9. I love your clear album! It's beautiful.