Tuesday, November 6, 2007

found, home, safe and sound!!!

oakley was returned to us today by a good samaritan!!! and yes...i was a blubbering mess when i got off the phone!!!

i was in red deer all morning...cranky, sad, tired and with a migraine...i had to get some classes in order and there was some confusion which i wasn't in the mood to deal with!!! by the time i got home with a bag of macdonald's for lunch for me and delainey i was feeling quite morbid and my head was pounding!!!

i check our phone for messages and there is a new one...hi, i found your dog last night, please call me at.... I was like OMG!!!!! i dialed the number and managed to mention who i was and that i had received a call that our puppy had been found??!! and she says yes...i found him and took him to the vet clinic and they are holding him there!! OMG!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

so i phoned the vet and asked if a golden retriever had been turned in and i got a BIG happy YES!!!needless to say i didn't let delainey finish lunch...i grabbed her out of her chair and rushed out the door with oakley's leash in hand and drove down to get him!!!

it cost me 50 dollars to get him out....i was compensating the hospital for having him over night, feeding him , and taking him for a walk...i would have gladly paid a whole lot more because it meant my puppy hadn't spent the night alone and cold and hungry!!!!

so we have him...it was a happy and excited reunion and i have to say a BIG huge thanks to the lady who found our pup!! I was so happy and emotional over him having been found i never even asked her name...gonna have to correct that mistake!!!

and thank you to all of you for your support and good wishes!!!

okay...jay's parents are here for about a week...so i should get off the computer and go entertain!!!

today is a GOOD day...find the good and enjoy it!!!


  1. YAY! That is fantastic news. I'm glad your puppy was cared for and returned to you. Kudos to the lady who took him to the vet for you. I bet you all are SOOOOOOOOO relieved that he's okay and back home.
    Enjoy your company. Call me when you have a minute. Don't forget to email me your page for Friday.

  2. oh girl, I´m so happy with you! I had to think all over the day of you and your dog! I´m glad he is in good health and home now! Today IS a good day!

  3. So happy Oakley has returned safe & sound. I so would have paid the $50 too!

  4. oh my luv, i have just been catching up ... i am so sorry you have been thru that, i know exactly how you feel and its such a horrible feeling. Yani our old dog used to take off .. she was a shocker, and it used to give me heart failure. i am so pleased your dog is back! i hope your week gets alot better now. I have the cj and have started working on it ... although i'm having a bit of a creative block which is totally bugging me ... so i am leaving it today and coming back when it has passed. I hate it when that happens. i hope you are setttling into your new place now ...
    luv chanel

  5. So glad you found him! What a relief! Have a great week Jessi! Kim

  6. Oh, I hadn't been by to read the previous post so I didn't know Oakley was missing. I am SO glad that you guys found him. That is such GREAT news!!!!! I'm sure that helped your bad day get much better!!! Yay!!!

  7. YAY! See? Good vibes chickie. Works like a charm!