Friday, November 23, 2007

good things

so it's friday...which is always a good thing...but this friday is launching us into what should be a fabulous weekend!!!

friday also brings you a new challenge at lotus paperie...and this one has turned out to be a favourite...i made an altered canvas with this weeks sketch, check it out....You_complete_me

and i finally got a chance to play with the rebecca sower posies that gigi used as a tip on much fun!!!

tomorrow night is our housewarming...really looking forward to that!!! it should be a really good friends, party...pretty good combo!! LOL the man i celebrating is un-20th birthday today!!! Happy birthday babe!! we got him pretty good this year...he has been wanting a tattoo for as long as I can remember...but there was always something more productive to spend that kind of money i phoned him at work and said..."hey babe, do you know any good tatto shops around?? one of my scrapping buddies from edmonton is coming down for a girls weekend and has decided that this is the weekend to get the tattoo she has always wanted...i thought since you worked with a bunch of guys who all have tattoos you might know of a good one!!" hehehe!!! he fell for it...cuz he replied..." well i have heard good things about renaissance tattoo...if i ever get mine, that's where i'm going" thanks honey, heehee!! so i went down there and got him a gift certificate to get his tattoo...since I know what he wants i got an estimate so i could be sure the gift certificate would cover it!! than we, me and the kids, went to the dollar store where i let them pick out tattoo's for their daddy!! haillee picked out pink sparkly rainbows and hearts and flowers and what not and dakota picked out armband styled ones. than we practiced over and over what to say...happy birthday dad, we finally got you the tattoo you have always wanted...than they handed him the temporary tattoos they had picked out!!! IT WAS PERFECT!!!!especially cuz he was expectinga gift certificate to canadian tire where he could stock up on more fishing i hand him the envelope and said happy birthday from all of us!!!! you should have seen his face!!!!! he was like...really?? seriously?? for my tattoo?? it was a good thing!!! i will definitely post a picture once he gets it done!!!

and the last few good things for today nephews came down for the weekend, which is a special treat, as we don't get to see them very often!!! the festival of trees is in red deer this weekend and we have never been...this is the year we are going!!! heard lots about it...but haven't actually made it to one yet!! i will definitely be posting pictures

so i am off to do some major food preparation for tomorrow...can't wait!!! have a fabulous friday!!

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  1. woohoo tell jay i could have done his tatty lol!!! i would have had fun to!!! we always go to the festival of trees on my birthday the kids will love make sure you take lots of money they have a candy shop the shopping store only for kids to shop for grandmas and parents you know the tacky gift that is always so sweet lol!! see ya tomorrow