Wednesday, November 21, 2007

it's all about my house!!



so i have finally gotten it together and taken some shots of the changes we have made on the main floor!!! some of the rooms are quick fixes to get rid of the horror of the previous owners choices...these are the rooms that have more than one phase to go through!!!
so here we go!!! remember my kitchen??? well here are the before shots...just to refresh your memory!!




okay....than we took that wall down that made that small little eating nook

House_002 here is what my kitchen looks like now!!! November_everyday_moments_020 November_everyday_moments_022 Clock

had to post a picture of my clock...i love it and jay actually picked it out!!! some days he surprises me, LOL!!!so obviously we still have some work to do to the kitchen...but this is one of those rooms that has more than one phase!!! we aren't doing anymore to it until next year...summer we are going to be doing a major reno...we are going to be knocking out the wall the stove sits on...our bathroom runs behind that we are going to move the bathroom, knock down that wall, and push the kitchen into that's going to be fabulous!!! see the window above the kitchen sink?? that is going to become french doors...there is very unused piece of yard behind that part of the yard...very private, completely shaded in the summer time, and very perfect for adding a flagstone patio and a hot tub!! gonna be great for entertaining!!!

alright moving is what we did with the we are moving it...all we did was paint and take some of the old fixtures off the walls...the before...



and this is what it looks now... November_everyday_moments



of course we have big plans for the bathroom once it moved too....a claw foot bathroom excited, can't wait for next summer!!!

and the last room is the living room...which i think i posted once before...but here it is again just because!!! LOL!! okay before.... House_006


and here is the final result... Scrap_stuff_002


and the living is 100% completed...o wait...we are going to make one structural day...we would like to open up the wall the tv sits on (the wall you can't see, LOL!!)...the staircase runs up behind that wall...and put in a beautiful banister and newel posts. so there you have it...some of what has kept us busy the last couple of months!!! and now...we are stopping all projects until the new year...we want to enjoy the christmas season and enjoy just being in our house without having to worry about what state of chaos it is in!!! so i am off to get some more stuff prepared for our housewarming this weekend...have a fabulous wednesday!!! ciao!!


  1. Your house is just beautiful!!! i especially love the bathroom, and the outdoor shots are beautiful! What a lovely place you have!

  2. Your house is just beautiful!!! i especially love the bathroom, and the outdoor shots are beautiful! What a lovely place you have!

  3. wow. just wow! beautiful colors. beautiful furniture.

  4. OMG!!! I love your house! That´s should be the reason for our next canada trip ;) very beautifful! I´m a bit jealous about that!
    How was your housewarming party? II think we say in German Eiweihungsparty odr Einweihungsfeier.
    Thanks for your explaination by mail! I was very happy about that!
    Today the last pieces of carpet were put on the floor. We painted our office room in the color you used for your kitchen :) Tomorrow i will paint my little scrap room in orange color.
    Have a nice wednesday!

  5. It is so beautiful! I love it all! That wrap around deck looks so inviting!

  6. Looks beautiful, Jessi!!! You have given me some inspiration for my house!!! My hubby will NOT be happy :)

  7. Seriously, we have very very similar tastes. I saw that clock and was going How COOL!! Then the cupboard with all the cool bowls and such in the kitchen... LOVE IT! The shelves and enamelware in the bathroom... perfect! :) Can;t wait to see how the big renov. in the kitchen comes out too! :)