Monday, November 5, 2007

send prayers for oakley


oakley has has gone missing.

we were headed outside to pick dakota up from school and had decided to walk and take oakley with us...i found the gate to our backyard i called...nothing. i called again...again nothing. sent haillee to the front of the house and i went to the back alley and we called...nothing.

so we walked to dakota's school hoping that we might find oakley on our way...nothing.

jay has been out since 3pm scouring the neighbourhood and putting up posters and talking to everyone around here...and nothing. i phoned the town to check whether or not there is a shelter here...there's not...but they have someone who comes from red deer and rounds up we left our information with them and hopefully between them and us he will be found.

i am just about in tears when i think about the fact that it's minus 2 with a wind chill making it minus 7 and it's supposed to snow and i am sure it will be even colder was minus 14 last night.

he has a warm and cozy dog house that jay just lovingly built...but so far it will be empty tonight.

so i am asking for everyone to send some good vibes and thoughts and prayers this way that oakley will come home to us.                                                 


  1. awwww..I'm so sorry! I really hope he comes home!!

  2. I'm sorry he went missing, hope everything works out and he comes back to you...sending positive vibes your way.

  3. oh no! I cross my fingers! Hope you will find him soon in good health! I´m so sorry that this happened!

  4. Hope he comes home soon Jessi!

  5. Oh Jessi, that sucks so bad! Our boxer, Sassy went missing once for three months and it turned out that someone stole her but when she was spotted with the thief, we got her back - unscathed. I hope Oakley comes home soon - and healthy. My thoughts are with you and your kidlets!

  6. No WAY! Poor little puppers. You just got him too. Sending good vibes to you! Hope you find him.

  7. Prayers for Oakley and the family. I am so sorry to hear about this. I hope he returns to you soon!