Friday, November 16, 2007

tids and bits

so friday is!!! i can't believe how quickly christmas is creeping up...and yes I said the word!!! christmas!!! do ya'll have a defining moment in the year where it starts the very fast downhill slide to christmas day?? for us this year it starts with our housewarming party next weekend!!! than we go into jay's and mine un-20th birthdays...yup, both of us are turning 30 this year...actually the same weekend as our housewarming....LOL!!

my mom and i are getting together the last week of november to do a bake day...we are going to be making cookies and squares and what nots by the dozens to stick in the freezer and pull out as needed through out the christmas season!!

jay's christmas party is the first weekend of december followed by dakota and delainey's birthdays, and somewhere in all that I have a couple of classes to teach at the LSS. and ya'll know what goes on in between that right?? homemade christmas cards, christmas shopping, visiting, is endless!!! my nephew is coming down to spend christmas with us this he gets to participate in our yearly traditions...skating on the ponds, scoping out christmas lights, and this year we have booked a horse drawn wagon you see endless...and before you know christmas day is here!!! my absolute favourite time of the year!!! crazy, chaotic, beautiful, magical, and full of love and family and friends!!!

so with today brings another sketch challenge at Lotus Paperie...challenge #46...and this sketch made me instantly think of a cover for a mini that is what i used it for!! I used this weeks sketch for inspiration and created a mini album that documented one day in our was go check it out...and don't forget about my RAK!!! you have until sunday to complete last week's challenge. for the rest of the details go here.
now here is how my mini turned out...


and if you want to see the pages will have to go and check out lotus paperie!! i's can say it out loud...i fully embrace the darker side inside!!! LOL!!!

and last little bit for the day...i taught my cookie sheet advent calendar last night...the class was so much fun!!! i love the ladies who take my class....regulars and newbies!!! we always have so much fun!! one lady in particular i love!!! she is always so supportive of what i do...she is also probably my biggest form of advertisement and i thank you muchly for that!!! so i promised the ladies i would post a picture and make sure it is in my gallery to use as a reference.

a quick recap of the instructions...just cuz i love ya!!!
(i believe this is a 10.5 by 17 size cookie sheet...if you are using a smaller or larger one you will have to adapt the measurements)

*drill 2 holes at the top of the cookie sheet on the lip to tie ribbon through to hang it.
*cut one sheet of pattern paper to 10.5x6 and on both halves tear one long edge. ink the torn edges if you like. on both pieces, using a large corner rounder, round the 4 corners opposite the torn edge
*cut a second sheet of pattern paper to 12x10.5
* randomly stamp along the side edges of all the papers (optional)
*adhere the 10.5x12 sheet of paper to the middle of the backside of the cookie sheet
*adhere one of the 10.5x6 pieces torn side to the middle to the top of the cookie sheet, it will overlap the first piece already adhered
*adhere the other 10.5x6 piece to the bottom of the cookie sheet torn edge to the middle
*to create your month banner cut another pattern paper to a 9.5x2.5 size adhere to somewhere in the top area of your cookie sheet.
*cut a 9x2 piece of cardstock, stamp your month on it and stamp around the edges randomly. using pop dots adhere this to your already adhered matte.
*on cardstock stamp out your days of the week with small letter stamps and cut out by hand in small rectangles. adhere to the cookie sheet below the month banner using pop dots
* out of a varying mix of pattern papers cut your days of the month, making each square 1.5x1.25. i adhered these to a sheet of adhesive backed magnet and than cut them out. this makes the calendar perpetual every december as you can arrange the days to fit the year. if you adhere your month to a sheet of magnet you can also make the entire calendar perpetual, you just have to make the rest of the months!!
*if you like you can paint the edges of the cookie sheet
*apply alcohol ink randomly to the surface and edges of the calendar to age it
*embellish as desired
*by using the backside of the sheet you can use the front (where you would bake the cookies) to store the extra days and months if you make it perpetual...or like the days here and each day one of my children will add a day to the calendar to count down for christmas.

you can find more ideas on making one these here

okay...i am done with this long novel of a post...hope you enjoyed and if you make a calendar...let  me see it!!!O wait!!! just letting you know...i submitted my application to the town for opening my classroom...i should know in about 2 weeks if they will give me a business license!!! so keep your fingers crossed and hopefully soon i will be opening the doors to the Inked Barn!!!

have a fabulous night....ciao!!!


  1. Jessi, I love, love, love your mini album and the theme! The cover is beautifull too! :)

  2. this is totally cool!
    Please - can you tell me what a housewarming party is?
    Have a great weekend!

  3. lots of good stuff happening for you!! Your cookie baking with mom tid bit, makes me sad. Enjoy it! It's those kinds of things that make me miss home.

  4. oh so cool ... i love the advent calender! super funky idea!
    hope you are having a fun weekend ... ours has just finished (boo hoo - they go so fast!)

  5. Wow!!! Your December is BUSY!!!!!! I love the Advent project and the layout!!!
    I love Thanksgiving, so I'm totally going to enjoy that this week! And then...Christmas will be here soon!

  6. Wow!!! Your December is BUSY!!!!!! I love the Advent project and the layout!!!
    I love Thanksgiving, so I'm totally going to enjoy that this week! And then...Christmas will be here soon!

  7. love that mini it is just gorgeous. I too have that "defining moment" when I realize...oh #$%#^@ it's Christmas already...and I totally have to rush to do everything... I know, my bad. I truly do love Christmas it's just the working full time and going crazy all day.... Have a great day - L

  8. Hello from Toronto,
    Love your blog and work!
    Warm regards,