Wednesday, November 14, 2007


"Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence, and silence is FULL of music."

~marcel marceau

“To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. And number three is, you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. But think about it. If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a FULL day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special.”

~jim valvano

this one is so FULL of possibilities!!! i cannot wait to see what everyone does with Ronda's choice of words!!! i loved this word...i really enjoyed the exploration of all the the things in my life that make me full...the good and the bad...because all of it has created who i am today and has brought me the life that i have. and this life i am blessed to makes me makes me full!!!


so go check out the rest of the creative team over at OLW and let's see what FULL means to you!!!and don't forget about the RAK I am giving out!!! see this post have until sunday!!!



  1. That is GORGEOUS!!! And I love that Jim Valvano quote. he was such an inspiring guy!
    Off to check out the OLW site and start thinking about my word!

  2. O I almost forgot about today's word...Gonna head out to the studio and scrap that one,for sure!! LOVE IT! Wicked page, by the way!

  3. Love it! Love that you see the FULL possibilities with this word. Love all the quotes!

  4. Jessi I totally love those quotes. Awesome way of introducing that FULL OLW. Beautiful job on your lo.

  5. Another beauty! :) Love the lace and photo strips and well, the whole design.

  6. absolutely gorgeous layout! Love it!