Wednesday, December 5, 2007

do you see what i see??

Rondas_visit_065 well aside from 2 girls freezing their butts off for the sake of a good scrapbook see ronda!!! Yup!! her and her husband andy came down this weekend for a visit!! and we had a good time!! it wasn't long enough...they came in sunday night and left late tuesday afternoon!! miss D has renamed ronda...she is now forever known as ron-naaaaaaaaaaaa!! she completely loved her and andy!!!




the cool thing about showing off your town is that you get to see things in a completely new way!!! we showed them some of our favourite things about red deer and innisfail...




so remember film cameras??? my film SLR has been sitting collecting dust since we got our digital point and shoot...i swore i was never going to convert and than when we realized the convenience of going digital...well  my SLR has been sadly neglected!! lately, however, i have been missing the photo's that i got out my SLR...and those photo's were more flukes than that of great photography!! i always meant to take a photography class and learn what the functions of a camera like that were for. Well...andy took it upon himself to give me a crash course!!! he showed me just what my camera could do and let me tell you...i  cannot wait to play!!! now andy don't let this next sentence go to your head, was probably the best lesson ever, he broke it down in a way that made the concepts easy to understand and even though there was a lot of was awesome!!! and yes...even though it is film...i can practice the techniques and get it under my belt and upgrade to the digital version of my film SLR!! o yeah!!! i am excited about that!!! so thank you muchly andy!!! Rondas_visit_050

most of these photo's are courtesy of ronda...most of mine are still on film!! here are just some favourites of the ones that ronda uploaded to my computer...there are more, but will have to wait until that chica slows down and can mail me out a burned cd of the other pictures!!! Rondas_visit_073



this has to be one of my favourite photo's...ronda cpatured my daughter's eyes beautifully!!!


and i will leave you with this last photo...i have to go and play catch up on my christmas journal!!! Rondas_visit_074


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful visit with Ronda and Andy! So glad for you! Have a great day Jessi! Kim

  2. hey snob! thanks for answering the phone! Sorry I missed out on a hi with Ronda:(

  3. Love the pics. Glad you guys had a good time!! You guys all look so chic in your hats, walking in the an L.L. Bean ad or something.

  4. Love the pics. Glad you guys had a good time!! You guys all look so chic in your hats, walking in the an L.L. Bean ad or something.

  5. We had so much fun with you both. We laughed all the time and it felt good. You were an awesome host and we thank you from the bottom of our heart. You are such a good mamma, and those do I love them. and Jason....well......

  6. So glad you guys got to hang out and have fun!! Love the snow shots and that one of Ronda in her hat... too cute!:) Love that Delaney calls her ronna.

  7. Gogeous pics! you girls look awesome and the ones of your kids are gorgeous! Have a great day!

  8. Fantastic! You were talking way back when about Rhonda and family coming to visit, and finally! Looks like it was fun!

  9. Hey Jessi, Your comments about the photo lesson were so sweet! Ronnaaa and I had a GREAT time visiting, even if it was so darn cold. I needed the laughter! Looking forward to seeing you and the family again.