Friday, December 7, 2007

happy friday!!

so with friday comes another challenge sketch over at lotus paperie...and being that it's december means that there is a new kit!!! my layout for this week has no photo for it...yet...i had no christmas pictures!! i scrapped all the ones from last year so i left a space and will add my photo later!!

we head into another full weekend of activities!! my mom and i are doing all our christmas baking tomorrow...yummy!!! delainey is turning 2 on saturday and we are having  dakota's 7th birthday party on sunday...his birthday was on the 4th, so we did a family celebration. and after dakota's party we head up to camrose, my sister is having a christmas decorating party...i'm just going for the food!!! she was describing her menu...and man...i cannot wait!!! one of her friends is an amazing cook, owns a restaurant and has been sharing his secrets with my sister...she had better be sharing them with me, LOL!!!

but tonight...tonight...i get to veg out watching what not to wear and scrapbook( well right after my very own hair make over courtesy of my daughters...they swear they are making me "pretty"!!)!! doesn't that sound like heaven?? my girls are going to bed around 730 and my son is going for a sleep over...silence...sweet fabulous!!! are ya jealous???but this is going to give me the opportunity to catch up on my christmas journal...i am taking shimelle's class... and i got a little behind when ronda and andy came to visit...but no worries...i hear she is too, LOL!! o and speaking of ronda...did you see my new banner?? isn't that photo absolutely fabulous?? that is one of the many amazing photo's she took while visiting here!! check out her blog for some photo's of our weekend...including one of me sticking my tongue about  not playing fair, LOL!!! okay back on is what i have to show you of my journal your christmas one, manifesto

day two...journal about the weather...mine is hidden journalingRondas_visit_184

i will post more as i do them and get around to taking pictures!! i have no rhyme or reason to my album either...the size of the pages depends om my creative mood for the day and i haven't done my covers yet...going to wait until the end and see how i want to cover my album!! it's been fun so far!!

well...i am outta's creeping closer to 730 and i need to prepare for my night of silent vegging!! o...and for those of you curious...i should have a new blog for ya'll to check out in the next couple of weeks..yup!! my classroom should be up and running in a short few has complained to the town about my business...i still have another week to go with the public notice in my yard before the city will approve me or not...but so far so good!!! so i am going to start working on my classroom blog so it's ready for ya!! are you excited?? i am!!!

seriously now...i am signing off...have a fabulous weekend

wait!!! my son just got home from tae kwon're thinking so what? right?? well last friday he did his first test...keep in mind he started tae kwon doe 2 months ago...and tonight he found out whether or not he passed his test...well he walked through my front door prouder than a peacock carrying his brand new yellow belt!!! woo hoo dakota...we're so proud of you!!!

Yellwo_belt i am really going...seriously!!! ciao chica's!!


  1. Way to go, Dakota!!! Big high five to him...such a great achievement!! I can't wait to see your new class blog. I hope the next week goes by quickly and with no setbacks.

  2. hey girl ... you must tell me about that class you are taking, is it great? i love what you have made so far!
    its such a busy time of the year ... i agreee, its fun tho!
    its so hot here ... i have just got back from a run, and i am over heating! LOL! lucky we have a pooL!
    ok i will email you later
    luv chanel

  3. Wow!!! All that birthday celebrating!! Tell them both Happy Birthday for me!!
    I wanna know what all you and your mom are baking!!!

  4. YEA! Go Dakota! I am so behind on my journal! I love how your pictured yours on the door!