Thursday, December 13, 2007

sit down and have a coffee...

so much to post about today....maybe i should update my blog more often, LOL!!! hmmm....where to start, where to start!!! ahh!!

WORD UP!!! can you believe it...the last word of the year!!!i cannot believe how quickly the months have gone by...8 months of OLW goodness and tons more to come!!! so it was lynn's turn to choose and her choice was HOPE...such a powerful little word!!so here is what i did...

i altered a canvas and played with some beeswax...lots of fun!!! have to something to share with you guys!!! if you haven't noticed already...check out my sidebar!! under my profile picture is a new link...the inked barn...o yeah, my classroom!!! today is the last day the public notice of intent is in my i should have a definite answer in about a week!!! and being the positive person i am...i decided to go ahead and create my classroom check it out and keep checking back for updates!!!

quick family note...we are done with birthday celebrations now...but , and i'm sure ya'll know exactly what i am talking about...the chaos of christmas season has settled upon us!! my mom and i baked up a storm on tuesday...yes, it was supposed to happen saturday...but, by the time we hit the grocery store for the ingredients and got home and was late. so tuesday it was!!! but oh the yummy things we made!!!

doesn't that look yummy??? so from left to right...hungarian pastry;this is a tradition in our house, infact ever since i was a little girl. my mom used to bake this and one would be for throughout the season and one was for our christmas morning brunch. so i carried on the tradition. it's basically a croissant type dough filled with dates, pecans, and yummy!!! under that is homemade oreo cookies...the easiest cookies you will ever make and soooooooooooooo good!! on the cake stand is butter husband doesn't like raisons so this year we made some with pecans...again...yummy!! in the jar is chocolate drizzled spice cookies...a recipe i stumbled across years ago in a martha stewart  magazine.  front and centre is thumbprints and haystacks. we didn't get everything baked we wanted too...we still have whipped shortbread to make and cinnamon buns...have i said how much i love the holidays??!!!

moving on to some scrappy christmas journal...i have taken photo's of the other pages i have 3: christmas cards, i altered an envelope that i can stick any cards i receive this year and i am also going to stash one of the ones i made for this year in it too

day  4: your ideal and perfect christmas... i tore a  picture out of a magazine that represents, to me, the picture of a perfect christmasDecember_everyday_moments_009

on the back of the magazine picture i put what  makes christmas perfect to me and  how each year no matter what we achieve a perfect christmas because it's all in the love and the little things!!  December_everyday_moments_010

day 5: countdown to christmas and how it's done in your family. i journaled  what we do and am going to add a small picture  later...isn't that KI paper lace fabulous?? i  cut the  size i needed out of  a transparency and  adhered it to the paper lace and cut  around the fun!!December_everyday_moments_011

day 6 i was looking back on memories of christmas good or bad and bad me didn't like that prompt!! i want this album to pertain to this years i am going to create a page on the everyday for that day. so day 7: shopping...i  created a large library pocket and than on the tags  in it i recorded the christmas list i made for everyone. i than created a mini  library pocket  and recorded on the tag inside it  what  christmas shopping means to me.December_everyday_moments_012


i have completed day 8 and am working on day 9...which obviously tells you i am a tad behind...oops!! well i am hoping to get caught up today...but it's been fun and i totally recommend the class!! so i think thats it...o...wait...guess who got inked yesterday??? yup!! jay got his tattoo yesterday...and i can't wait to see it healed...right now it's bandaged and a little bloody...i know..i was like blood?? well duh!! they prick you about a million time with a needle so of course it's going to bring a little blood to the surface!!! that part never occurred to me...i don't think i am ever going to be getting one!!! December_everyday_moments_019

i will post a photo as soon as he can remove the bandage and it looks good!!

alright!! i am done with today's novel...have a fabulous thursday!!!



  1. Awesome Canvas!!!! I love your projects!

  2. love the canvas and all the Christmas pages!!
    Glad you're having a happy Christmas season.

  3. Beautiful canvas, and I love all your days of Christmas. I haven't seen any of that KI lace paper in person yet, but I'm gonna have to order me some.

  4. Love your journal pages! Love your OLW layout and LOVE the yummy treats! you can come and bake for me anytime! Have a great day!

  5. OUCH... the tattoo look too painful! Your new LOs are great, loving the Christmas journal too! :) SO happy for you and the Inked Barn start!!! :) I am hoping Santa brings me some of that lace paper!!

  6. Hey Jessi! It was nice to run into you yesterday! Hope your class went well! Beauty art too! Kim