Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a list of things

so with the new year comes new beginnings and new starts and new discoveries and new challenges and...well i am sure you get the idea...the wonderful thing about bringing in a new year is the feeling of a do-over...and let's face it, we all have moments of "i so wish i could that over!" but everyone knows what else comes with the new year...the guilt and the pressure of making goals or resolutions and maintaining and following them thru and than that utter sense of of uselessness and failure when you don't follow thru. the pressure of this is the year...this is the year that I am going to stick to my resolution...this is the year that i am going to lose that weight and stick to my diet...this is the year i am going to have more patience...this is the year i am going to quit smoking ( no i am not a smoker, it's an example!!)...this is the year that life is going to be perfect...i know it sounds good, hey?? but let's face it...this is not most of us. 5 minutes after we make those resolutions we have a lit cigarette in our mouths and not a bowl, but the entire carton of double chocolate rocky road ice cream, and getting annoyed by all the little much for patience. and the diet?? well, we'll start that tomorrow...had to finish the ice cream, you know, so it wouldn't tempt me when i did start my diet. and of course the smoking is than easily justified by the fact that you are giving up all other vices so why can't and shouldn't you have this one tiny little vice to keep you happy??

so what do you do?? i don't like making resolutions...they seem destined for failure...but i am constantly editing my life through out the year based on things that work for me and don't work for me. I am also an insane list maker. i have found over the years that i get a whole lot more accomplished in a day if i make a list of things to do. soooooooooooooooooo...for 2008 i am making a list of things to do...and shush to those out there saying "but isn't that the same as a resolution?? it's not!!it doesn't have the same pressure or allows for modifications to the list and allows for an insane sense of accomplishment as you tick things off!!

the question than becomes...what do i want from 2008?? how do i organize it so that i can get as much checked off my to do list as possible ( remember that episode of friends when monica pulls out that binder for her wedding plans and it's about 6 inches thick and all cross referenced and indexed?? yeah i am that bad!!!) here is the start of my list....

1. ORGANIZATION: i have been floundering with this lately, i always have this feeling of chaos associated with my day and i feel like i'm not accomplishing anything...i have slacked on my organizational i would like to see the return of that. which means taking a couple of hours and setting up my house so it aids me in this and having a place to hang my every day to do list

2. SCRAPBOOKING: i really want to accomplish more...there are so many great challenges out there that i never participate in  because i can't seem to find the time...and if i do find the time, i never seem to complete the project. i would also like to finish those unfinished projects that are hanging around right now

3. SCHOOL: i know crazy, huh?? but i came to a decision that i wanted to go back to school and do something that i put off so long ago...i used to want to be a fashion designer, it would still be fun...but lately i find myself more drawn to interior i an going to enroll in a interior design course that i can do at home...wish me luck!!! 30 and getting a career...who would have thought??

4. TEACHING: getting the inked up and running...i have my approval to get my business license so i need to purchase that and get that ball rolling...which comes back to organization, LOL!!!

5. LESS IS MORE: this refers to my horrible addiction to the computer...i really need to step back and put some boundaries on myself as i get even less accomplished because of this vice.

that is all i have so far...i might add more...but even though it's not a BIG's a list full of BIG things to do. I wish everyone luck with their goals, resolutions, and to do lists for 2008!!!



  1. I love your approach to all this as a to-do list rather than resolutions. I chose the "goals" perspective for the same reason of no guilt when you miss the target!
    I'll tell ya what, I'll help boost you when you need if if you can (continue) to boost me when I need it.
    It's gonna be a beautiful year! So exciting, isn't it?

  2. Loving the idea of a list as opposed to a resolution! Especially because nothing feels better than ticking something off a 'to do' list when you've finished it!!
    In fact, I think I will run off and get started on my own to do list :)

  3. in my opinion it IS a big list ;)
    I have to organize me too. And I want to sign in many challenges too.
    And the best is - from now till may I have every week two english lessons, sponsored by the company where I work, I am so happy with that! My teacher is a young lady from chicago. she lives here since one year. It makes a lot of fun!
    Schöne Grüße aus Deutschland!

  4. I have been busy organizing too!
    Too be honest ~ 'computer time' is a biggie for me too. I gotta get off it and do more 'fun, me stuff... kwim?:)

  5. I think that this is an AWESOME list!!!!! I love it, and I'm with you--I don't do resolutions, just try and think how I'm going to improve my life and attitude in the next year.
    And how did you know I do that with rocky road ice cream? LOL

  6. Great list Jessi! Have a wonderful year! Kim

  7. Great list Jessi! Have a wonderful year! Kim

  8. My goodness sound like my therapist! You took the words right out my mouth :) I feel you on ALL of those. And it's crazy how you get nothing done when you are lolligaggin' on the computer. It suckS!!!
    I wish you many creative, and oraganized, wishes for this new year!
    Love ya ,