Monday, January 28, 2008


this morning i was woken up by the sound of phone 6am!!! i heard it distantly and thought what could be so important this early??? so i ignored it and tried to go back to sleep!! only to have the phone ring again 10 minutes later and have my husband fly out of bed to answer it...and no he does not have a morning whisper's loud in the morning stillness!!! 10 minutes later he comes back to bed...with his cel phone and what do you starts ringing no sooner than 5 minutes later!!!

at this point you're probably thinking...did you stop fighting the inevitable and just get out of bed?? no..i'm stupid and still tried to go back to sleep!! i did however get up to go the bathroom and let jay know that oakley probably needed to go out for a bathroom break himself!! than i went back to bed.

jay comes back to the bedroom and asks what my brothers home number brother is apprenticing with jay as a plumber...i gave it to him and ask why?? sites shut down. now why would they shut the site down and not let everyone know until 6am in the morning?? well my friends...yesterday temperatures here in beautiful central alberta dropped to -28c with a windchill of -39c...yeah that's cold!! but it got even colder!!

we woke up today to -38c and a windchill of-45 or colder!!! we have ice on the inside of kitchen door on the dead bolt and door knob!! so yeah, jay's site was shut down an the schools were here we are...all at home...trapped inside, and weather warnings for these temperatures for the rest of the week!!!

the bonus of this is...we get a pajama day and i can have the disney princesses and transformers baby sit the kids on love the power of movies!!! LOL!! and i...i can scrapbook all day long!!! stacy was to come over and scrap too...but i don't know if she is going to brave the weather and come!!!

so to those of you who are enjoying the beautiful temperatures of summer...miss chanel!!!...i envy you something crazy right now and am hoping that you might blow a little warmth this way!!!

for those of you looking to scrap today too...why don't you head over to lotus paperie and check out the new went up on friday...and this week it's an inspiration piece, not a sketch...but it's cool!! here's what i did...


now go and check out what the rest of the design team did and don't forget that if you do have a chance to win this month's kit!!!

right to scrap...have a  fabulous day...stay warm!!!


  1. I´m glad that it isn´t as cold here as in Alberta! We have currently about +10°C, but the sky is grey and it is windy.
    I love your layout and the way you did your journaling! very nice!

  2. Hey Jessi! I hear you on the nasty cold thing. Janine came up this weekend and is still here cuz the roads were so bad she couldn't drive home. She is gonna make a run for it today though That being said... if you want something to break up the day... visit my blog. I tagged you in the Middle Name Game!
    Have fun today and keep warm:)

  3. Now THAT is cold!!!! I cannot imagine temperatures that cold. Wow!!! (We think it's freezing if it gets down to 35 or 40 Down South! We are wimps!!)
    I want to scrapbook today too!! Just haven't had the chance yet!

  4. It's so cold here too that we had the ole frost on the inside on our dead's inhumane I'm tellin' ya!!! hate the cold but am sooo looking forward to sun and fun in March....Great layout!

  5. Wow. I can't even imagine! Wishing you warm weather soon.

  6. BRRRRR......"move to Canada Ronda" no thanks, it was 10 C here today. Love the layout and the little dude.

  7. WOW! I so do not miss freezing cold temperatures! I feel for you missy! That just sounds AWFUL! But at least you got a nice warm day of scrapping inside :)
    I think if I can drag my flu-ridden self out of bed today I will work on that Lotus Paperie challenge. LOVED your piece, and the inspiration has me thinking :)