Wednesday, January 2, 2008

hold on to your hats and happy new year!!

first things first!! WORD UP!!! and OLW is starting things off with a bang...a big bang...for the new year!!

so wanna see what i have been up to?? i decided to take on...again...trying out the digi world of scrapbooking!! and even though i don't think i am thoroughly convinced of was fun to do some things i don't normally do on tradtional LO's...but it definitely won't replace the paper...i love the dimesion and texture and the bulk of i love looking on my shelves and seeing tags and ribbons sticking very which don't get that with an all digi here is my first digi LO...

so in my beginner stage of the digi world...i realized that you can cheat when making your own embellishments...if you're wondering...yes that is a heidi swapp ghost clock in the bottom corner. I scanned one of her clocks into PS onto a transparent i was able to drag and drop it anywhere on my LO. that amazing photo of my daughters eyes is courtesy of ronda...she took it when her and andy were here visiting!!

moving on...when my sister dropped off my nephew for christmas...i convinced her to go to my hairdresser...she had a hair appointment with the one she uses but hates the cuts she gets. it was an easy sale because she loves my cut...but mostly i wanted to see my sister look good...she has been having a rough time lately and has been struggling with her health issues on a daily (some of you might remember the LO i did of her for OLW for the word seek)so she paid for her cut and i paid for her to have her hair coloured...wanna see?? of course i took before pics...much to her horror( when she decided to put her best "hair" forward ) and even more to her horror when i told her it was going straight to my blog!!! LOL!! we totally cracked up laughing when we saw this as the result!!

and here is the beautiful after.... don't you love that one streak of red??  it didn't turn out as vibrant as she wanted...but that is  an easy fix the nest appointment!!December_everyday_moments_051and this photo i just love and had to share it!!

December_everyday_moments_049 are the some more of how christmas went in our family!! christmas morning we stayed home and opened gifts and had a brunch of bacon, eggs, toast, hash browns , and hungarian pastry!! yummy!!

Christmas_mornand than we headed to my mom's for our christmas feast!! my brother, rory, got the xbox 360 and the most of the family gathered around to watch everyone bomb miserably at it, LOL!! my sister even tried to deliberately mess her hubby up...he didn't break tho!!! LOL!!


so i believe that is everything for now...o wait!!! it's the new year!!! how does one forget that?? go figure!! we did absolutely nothing...which seems to be the theme of our holidays this year, LOL!!! it was just the five of us...we pulled the futon mattress into the living room for the kids and watched movies until the countdown. counted down to the new year and than the kids declared they were going to sleep in the living room on the futon...they were camping out!! it was a good way to bring in the new year!! hope you all had a fabulous one!! ciao!!


  1. LOVE the have some digi talent...keep playing and impressing us! LOVE THE NEW DO! Wow I see some family resemblance! Sounds like a great Christmas my friend!

  2. love the LO's!! And your sisters hair rocks! The digi lo looks awesome, too. Kudos to you for even trying!

  3. Your sisters hair looks awesome! So nice of you to add some fun colour to the appointment :)

  4. Great layouts (love your OLW layout and the picture of you and Ronda is awesome!) and Love the way your sisters hair turned out! Looks like you had a great Christmas and New years! Happy New year Jessi!
    ps got my christmas card and love it! Thanks!

  5. Great layouts (love your OLW layout and the picture of you and Ronda is awesome!) and Love the way your sisters hair turned out! Looks like you had a great Christmas and New years! Happy New year Jessi!
    ps got my christmas card and love it! Thanks!

  6. Your sister's hair looks GORGEOUS!! I think it's so great that you "forced" her to get it done. I know it made her feel great to have a new look!
    LOVE your OLW layout. SO pretty (as always!!)

  7. Love your sister's new hair. :)

  8. I had to come to your blog after seeing your lo on olw. I participated for the first time and was blown away by yours. That was a great LO and just wanted to let you know. LOVE your sis haircut!

  9. Lovin your creations...and LOVE your sis's new do too! Totally BEAUTIFUL! :)))
    What is OLW? I want to go see.
    Happy New Year sweets! xoxo

  10. hi girl .... very cool! happy new year too! and thanks for your christmas card ... so sweet!
    there must be one more cj for me to complete? where are we at?
    luv chanel

  11. I really like the digi layout. I can' bring myself to try it just yet. I'll stick to paper for now.
    Happy new year girl!

  12. Beautiful digi work Jessi! I knew sooner or later you'd come around =) Hee hee! It's fun to do both I think! Kim