Wednesday, January 23, 2008

new things

ETA: there is a NEW post up at the inked barn...things are coming along!!

new favourite song....

i love coming across NEW things!!! especially things that inspire!! and that, is what i love the most about this online world...ronda and i were talking the other day and she had some god news to share...she was going to interviewed on a site called Rev It Up!!! i have never heard of the site before...but it's not new and some of you have probably already come across it...but it is full of inspiration and inspiring people!!! the ladies who run it are super talented and have published a few books...ronda swears they are amazing books!!! so go check it out and get to know the beautiful ronda a little bit better!!!

i love giving shouts out to the NEW people i meet blogging...gillian is a cool girl i met through shimelle's; journal your christmas class...and she lives in one of my hometowns on the beautiful vancouver island!!! she only just started go and give her some love...she is also a pretty talented scrapbooker!!! love her stuff!!

and the last NEW thing for today...OLW has a NEW tip up...from yours truly!!! it's a glance into my chaotic creative process and true testiment to the fact that just about everything i put on my pages isn't thought out...more like a fluke, LOL!!!

so i leave you to enjoy your day...hope it's fabulous



  1. What a cool interview and thanks for sharing the link to Gillians blog!
    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for sharing that song! I already knew it, but hadn't listened in awhile and it's great! And you're too sweet saying such nice things about me *blushes*
    I'm off to check out your technique at OLW! I bet it's amazing!
    Have a great day *hugs*

  3. going to check out the links you mentioned and the tip on OLW! :) Hope you are staying WARM!!