Wednesday, January 16, 2008

word up!!!!

i love these wednesdays!!! ladies...WORD UP!!! this week's word choice was mine....and in amidst all the chaos of holidays and a new year i wanted to give ya'll something to centre yourselves on...something to STILL you 5 minutes and let you breathe and relax and focus you on some good things about your life right now!!! cannot wait to see what you do with this's what i did...

as a mom, wife, and every other role i play....sometimes i really feel the need to celebrate being a girl, a woman...someone who is someone besides all that other stuff!! this is my reminder that it is okay to do so. so head over to OLW and check out the rest of the creations from the creative team!!!

some feel good is starting a fun little thing called happy mail!! who doesn't like happy mail?? i love getting stuff in the mail that isn't telling me i owe something!! she is looking to start it up in if you want in, head over there and let her know!!!

hmmmm...what else can i babble to you about??? wow, you might actually luck out with a short and sweet post today!! life has been good and simple...we have been exploring our new town, see what there is...we came a cross a small man made lake in the middle of town that has a cute little boardwalk around part of some really fun photo's...but i am too lazy to upload them from my camera right now, LOL!!! so i will post them next time. O...and jay and i got new computers!!! they came yesterday..we each got a dell that you can customize your computer and they do all the work of loading programs and hardware for you!!!

okay in the spirit of keeping this short...i am going...have a fabulous day everyone and don't forget to check out OLW!!!!


  1. Hey Jessi! Your layout for OLW (and your word choice!) is awesome! Was so stoked when I saw that you chose this Word up. I'm still pondering what to do for the layout, so many ideas!
    Be careful to check for spyware on your new Dells! I like Dell too, but on my last one I found spyware preinstalled on it. So run a check if you can :)

  2. love your page! Off to check out OLW.

  3. Great new word and Lo Jessi! I totally love the journaling, cause I am right there with you... forgetting to be ME in the midst of all the mothering. :) My new computer is a dell too and I love it! I'm going to try and be online tonight so maybe we will get to chat.

  4. Ok...that page stopped me in my tracks! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!! It's just so beautiful and I appreciate what your saying.
    And as you know...BABBLE AWAY!!! The babbling the better!
    I'm exited to see what Chanel has in store for us! { hoping she's not mad at me } That should be neat!
    Have a wonderful day sweetheart!

  5. I love your layout! It is beautiful and I love the way you used the title. Very beautiful!
    Greetings to canada!

  6. Love the word and love your layout! Yes, Dell rocks!

  7. I like your Lo Girl! Is so cute and I like tittle so, in Black and flowers!!! Kisses from México!