Wednesday, February 20, 2008

happy mail

a day with no bills...only good things!! that is happy mail!! my very new, good and super adorable friend beth sent me some things she wouldn't use because it wasn't her style...dude!!! check it out!!!!

014_2paper goodness


alpha and fun paper goodness

012_2cardstock and rubon and more goodness

010_3 embellishment goodness

009_2ribbon goodness...thank you so much beth for your generosity!!

and i got my lotus paperie kit for march yesterday!! and as i tore into the package i was delighted to find a super sweet hand made gift from my girl vanessa!!!

015 hope you all have a day filled with some good things!!!


  1. dude! I gotta start kissin' up to Beth more!!

  2. Wow!!!! Lucky You!! Those fingerless mittens are beyond adorable!!! BTW - Love your blog!

  3. Dang... what a loot!!! And... those fingerless mittens... can I tell you how UBER envious I am of you right now?!!? xoxo

  4. you are too funny! happy scrapping!

  5. you are too funny! happy scrapping!