Tuesday, February 19, 2008

hodge podge

so what to blog about today??? well i have a whole hodge podge of things to babble about today!!! some exciting stuff is going one with my classroom...but i am going to make you go to the inked barn to find out what it is!!! i know...evil...but, than i never claimed to be an angel!!! LOL!!

so thoroughly addicted to the drop and scraps that i have been doing with my gals...beth, ronda, and jude!! this weekend was extremely fun..we managed to get an online crop going with karla, jude, beth, ronda, and myself...so much fun...we used skype for doing a conference call and yahoo for our webcams so we could see each other!! it was aweosme!! and in true cropping style...i got just about nothing done...too busy chatting and laughing!!! this is the only layout i got done in the 4 or 5 hours that we were online...

Try_something_new_2i used the scarlet lime kit to create this...love that kit club and love this kit!!!

so maybe the next time a drop and scrap occurs i can get a couple of the just cre8 gals to join in...hey sue and lori???

so have you heard of we spy : you spy?? a fun new challenge blog to get you taking more photos!!! well their last challenge was to spy something beautiful and to kick off their first challenge they had a little give away...


and o yeah!!! they picked my name!!! i get to be the proud owner of that incredibly amazing little album!!! so excited about that!! their second challenge is up...so will have to do a little spying today!!!

and my last little bit of hodge podge to share...it was a long weekend here...celebrating family day!! love that...an official day to celebrate the everyday love and connection of family!! we had a lazy day on monday..but did get out to enjoy the almost bathing suit weather...yup...it was above zero celsius...a balmy 8 degrees celsius!!

006 012 008_2 013 003 so have a fabulous day...off to get some scrapping in...scrapping during a week day...what a novelty!!! just me and Miss D today!! ciao!!!


  1. Gorgeous layout and Love the pictures! Have a great day!

  2. Gorgeous layout and Love the pictures! Have a great day!

  3. love that LO! Can't wait to get my gear together to join in on those chats.

    Love it!
    family day seems like the coolest thing ever. can't wait to celebrate it with you in august! hahaha
    the im d&s is the best.
    thanks for playing along at we spy and congrats again!
    stay warm!

  5. CONGRATULATION!!!!! Just LOVE that camera album!!!! I had a blast too chatting with you crazies! Ha hAAAAAAAA And I LOVE your layout you busted out! I'm going to do your lift today ^-----^ So exited!!!!!
    I so want to meet my Dakoda...chat with you soon girl,

  6. People here would literally not even leave the house with weather like that! D&S's are my new addiction I think!! LOL. off to see what you are up to at the Inked Barn...

  7. Haha - I think those crops are exactly what I need to boost my productivity! IM me next time ya'll sit down!! :D
    Congrats on that cool album - and those skull fingerless mitts are KEWL!!! 'Nuff said!