Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i spy...

something cold...


go spy something!!!


  1. yummy! looks cold, but good :)
    love those frames too!

  2. YUMMY! the frames do look great! Love miss Haillee!

  3. love ice cream treats! cool photo and frames. can't wait for you to teach me about them. hahaha
    happy spying!

  4. now that is criminal...feeding her ice cream when it is that cold outside!! Where is DSS???? ROFLOL...

  5. OMGosh girl that looks delish. lol, i don't care what the wether outside is. Hey, thanks so much for your beautiful comment today on my lo...i really appreciate it. So I am going to post the technique on my blog probably this weekend and when I do, I will shoot you an email that it is there. I would love to see what your creative genius comes up are so mega talented. Thanks again.

  6. Great pic! Treats like that get my son to eat all of his dinner so it's a nightly thing here in the freezing foothills of northern CA. BTW - wanted you see what I did with the RED shoes pic - a little art project & I thought of you because of the nice comment you left. TFL!!