Friday, February 1, 2008

morning tea

so many things to blog about this morning....where to start?? well first things first, lotus paperie has a new challenge up today...and i really love how my take on it turned out...

these are my husbands hands...i love this photo!!! so check out the other design team creations at lotus paperie and go check us out at splitcoast stampers where we are being featured as guest divas!!! such a fun thing!!

so i haven't been around much...we ordered new computers from dell and i got a defective i was stealing time on my husband's new laptop...but i had nothing photo's...and i didn't want to fill his computer up with my i have had limited computer time...but...say hello to my friend who keeps in touch with this online world i love....

i love my new's set up just how i like it...i don't have to share computer time with my husband anymore ( that really sucked!!! some days i just don't want to share, lol!!) brother came and installed his photoshop program on my laptop...and it runs like a dream!!! i did lose some stuff though...we transferred all my files from our old desktop to my defective laptop before we realized it was defecftive and i wasn't able to transfer everything from the defective one to this's not too bad...more of a pain in the butt as i have everything...well mostly everything...burned to cd. so if i want it on my computer i have to upload everything again from the cd's...i only lost a few digital goodies...actions and brushes...that i didn't have burned to cd, but i can easily download again. i also lost my file that held all the photo's of scrap projects that i have uploaded to various online it means taking new photo's. so a big pain in the butt...but i least i have's just not on my computer...yet!!

on the family children caught a nasty cold...thought at one point it might be strep throat...haillee kept losing her voice...and they have now kindly passed it on to me!!! not so fun!! bright side is...i have something to justify my computer time and lack of  household cleanliness....LOL!! i also got to capture a moment between my daughters...these are the moments that i love!!!

well i am off to...well...ummm...i'm not exactly sure what i am off to do...hopefully something a little productive...maybe some scrapping!! have a fabulous weekend and maybe i will have pictures of our restored wood floors to show you early next week!!! we are pulling up the carpet and plywood and renting a excited!! i cannot wait to see them done!!


  1. Hi Jessi! I discovered your blog through POTP. Your work is beautiful!! I've been admiring all your projects that you've uploaded to the gallery. I love your style :) See you in the boards!

  2. Oh no!! You got a cold? You poor thing! Now we're both sick :( Though I think I'm finally on the mend, I actually scrapped last night, which was a first for me this week! The photo of your girls is so sweet!
    Enjoy your weekend and make sure you have lots of rest and laptop time, that's what I'm planning :)
    <3 Gillian

  3. hi friend! so glad i get to call you that now. yay for the new computer. and that photo of the cute!
    feel better!

  4. That photo is so sweet!, and how cool that you get a laptop...I want one too. When we bought this place we knew we had to do some major renos and I kept hoping for hardwood floor under all these nasty carpetsbut...nope, none! You are so lucky. :)
    Hope you feel better soon

  5. Those floors are absolutely gorgeous! I wish...... I Love all your Creativity! WOW!!!! Have a great day!