Wednesday, February 13, 2008

word up...beautiful day!!!

hey wordsters...guess what??? o's wednesday's word up wednesday!!! and check it out...i have been crafting my skills digitally in scrapbooking so this weeks project i bring to you 100% this is what i did with tiff's word...


now go check out the rest of the creations and this weeks guest designer at one little word!!! fabulous stuff...cannot wait to see what you do!! get scrapping ladies!!!

and it's a beautiful day...i spy a new challenge, check this out and find what's beautiful in your day!!! i cool is that...a new challenge blog and this one is going to be fabulous!! let's face it...we are always looking for new takes on here is what was beautiful about my day yesterday...

013 have you ever seen chocolate pudding look so good?? or so enjoyed??

and speaking of husband has a beautiful heart!!! last night he was acting all mysterious and spent a lot of time downstairs making something...he even had the kids in on every time i asked them what was daddy doing?? i don't know, it's a surprise!!! hmmmm...a surprise you say?? i got valentines a bit early...jay revealed to me the surprise he worked on all evening...a handmade shadow box...a custom piece for my scrap keeping with my design scheme for that space...which of course makes me happy to know...that yes, he does pay attention, when it suits, lol!!! isn't it pretty??

016 so do you ever wonder what happened to people you knew way back when?? i had the opportunity to hook up with another friend from the past last night...and all i can say is wow...we were tight for gr.8, 9, and 10 until my family moved from victoria to comox valley...we even hooked up again when i went to college in victoria after graduation, like it was yesterday and not like we hadn't been separated for 2 years!! and then i moved back to comox and eventually off the island and lost track of each other. over the years i wondered about her, and how her life went, things she accomplished, dreams she did or did not achieve that we used to whisper to each other from under the covers of her waterbed( i think i pretty much lived at her house on the weekends, lol!!)...i even tried to look her up and find her to no avail. last night, though, i received a message from her on place to hook up with people past, present, and we talked to each other on the phone until my phone decided to not play fair and start beeping at me that it had a low battery and needed to recharge...seriously...we didn't talk that long, lol!!

have to share this with of my favourite songs ever!!!

and last... HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONDA!!!!! go give her some love and birthday wished!!!


  1. Your amazing. Yoru work is stunning. Maybe one day you can make it down to edmonton and stop by the shop. I could use another picture iwth a famous scrapper.
    Your hubby is so kind and your little gal is adorable! mmmm chocolate!

  2. your layout is fabulous!
    so is your BEAUTIFUL photo! so glad you are playing along!
    let me know when jay needs the dimensions for my shadow box. :)
    happy wednesday my friend!

  3. Gorgeous layout! Love it, love the pictures too and LOVE what your hubby made you! So sweet! Have a great day!

  4. great photo jessi!! (and perfect take on the prompt :)
    glad you are playing along too.

  5. hmmmm....I wonder what a shadowbox is...

  6. Girl it has been tooooo long! I come here and POW!!! the most AWESOME digi layout I have seen in a while slaps me in the face! YOU ARE A NATURAL!!!! I am just like what?????
    I'm working on my layout now (shhh:)
    Give miss chocolate face a kiss. Yum!

  7. You are such a stinker! Love the digi layout! You have captured your style in digi form! Love Miss D! Ronnnna kisses for her! Thank you my friend for making my day fabulous!

  8. I love, love, love your OLW layout. It's adorable!!! Luv your style!!!

  9. You lucky lucky girl! That is a great little shadow box :) Make sure you give hubby a big kiss for that one ;)
    And I LOVE Facebook for letting me catch up with old friends, it's great. Too bad your phone wasn't playing fair though.
    Off to work now, hope you have a great day! *hugs*

  10. hi girl .. go the chocy pudding, that looks so good! he he!
    your OLW layout is cool ...
    have a great day dear luv c

  11. OK, I don't feel so dorky now for really really liking Loreena's music. Love her stuff.

  12. OK, I don't feel so dorky now for really really liking Loreena's music. Love her stuff.