Monday, February 11, 2008


where did the week go?? i can't believe it's been a week since my last post!! first of all i would like to say welcome and thank you to all you new visitors!!! i had an overwhelming amount of new people visit in the last week...which has led me to some new blogs i hope to visit often. love new blogs!!

so what has been going on in the last week?? seriously, not much!!! i have been spending waaaaaaaaay too much time on my computer...doing dayhome (so far so good!! have some good kids which makes it easy!!)...and scrapping!!!

learning the ropes in the world of digital scrapping...and though i will never fully convert, it is fun!! i have finally figured out my digi style...or at least how i want my style to be, lol!! check it out...what do you think??


this is my second attempt at a fully digital layout...and i love it!!!

other scrappy news...i participated in what beth calls drop and scrap!! totally fun and very motivating!! ronda, jude, myself, and beth were all IMing each you know how hard it is to keep track of four separate conversations??  so we decided to do a conference IM...and we all admitted that we were supposed to be scrapping...but hadn't gotten around to busy getting distracted, i suppose, LOL!! so beth says...hey want to drop everything and see what we can scrap in 30 minutes??

first 30 minutes...

Seriously  second 30... Smile ronda, beth, and i did more of this last night too...i would love to show you what i got accomplished in that 30 minutes...but it's ronda's birthday gift...which is coming up in 2 days!!! sorry ronda!!! LOL!!

i also took a photography challenge in an online crop at POTP..the challenge was to capture something in your scrap space creatively or is what i did, another digital LO!!! i decided to take a picture of what i seem to be reaching for the most these days...


i also got some other things scrappy things accomplished...i actually completed 2 projects that i wanted to get done after seeing them on ali's blog...


i loved her weekend creative...create a collage...and i love her butterfly creation!! butterflies represent so much to me...they represent change...growth, acceptance of what is...and beauty. after my post partum with delainey, butterflies became a symbol...a sign...of all that i had been through, struggled with, and got past. combine the butterfly with my word for 2008, CHANGE...and this was a collage i couldn't not do using butterflies!! and i created a little felt album...not sure what i am going to fill it with, lol...but it's cute!! Febrauary_everyday_moments_2008_004

Febrauary_everyday_moments_2008_005 it's has a real spring feel to it...maybe i will save it for a class at the inked barn!!! i am off to bake some cookies and make some more bread!!! have a fabulous  day and go do something creative!!!


  1. Whow! I´m so impressed with your digital layout! I love it! And I´m absolutely jealous with your stamps collection and the collection of ink!
    And yes, I have a lot of fun with Stampin´UP! and the products. But I don´t have as many supplies as you have 8) but I think in a few months it will look the same in my scraproom ;)

  2. WOW! you have been soooooo creative! Good for you! WIsh I could say the same! Great digi layout! It is gorgeous! Have a great rest of your day!

  3. yay for the fun im d&s! that was great. can't wait to do it again. and your projects...all of them look awesome and i know ronda will love hers. :)
    happy monday! chat with you soon!

  4. Wow that's a great digi. I hope you pop by one day!
    PS. you one little word link doesn't work :)

  5. You've just been working up a festival! Your collage and felt mini are adorable. I would LOVE to learn how to make one of those little felt albums :)
    Also, I can't believe that you made those digi layouts and they were only your second go at it. I've tried and tried again and I can't pull off digi. Even though I'm a graphic designer! lol

  6. You are such a brat....ratting me out like that...and so not playing fair not letting me see. What about your followers...they want to see what you made you have to post it! Right?
    Love the drop and much fun to scrap with friends!

  7. Like the butterfly collage very sweet...butterflies are special to me as well after the loss of my son...they seem to have a significance to a lot of people...I haven't created in so long! Hoping my scrappin' cruise gets me inspired...Have a great week!

  8. love your butterfly collage!!! congrats on your digital layout, its fantastic. i haven't done one yet. i just downloaded a couple kits and tried a frame around a picture - baby steps for me. i love your blog and stop by often. have a great day!!

  9. love your butterfly collage!!! congrats on your digital layout, its fantastic. i haven't done one yet. i just downloaded a couple kits and tried a frame around a picture - baby steps for me. i love your blog and stop by often. have a great day!!

  10. So much creativity! You rock! Have you guys thought of using Skype instead of IM...makes it a little easier. I've done it some with about 3 or 4 people on at the same time. So much fun to scrap like that!

  11. Luv your digi layout! Isn't it fun? It's not quite the same as getting your hands dirty with paper and ink, but I have to admit, I"m doing mostly digi these days and trying so many more 'techniques' than I would with paper. It's so much easier in a lot of ways too!