Thursday, March 6, 2008

being lazy 2!! i totally didn't mean to post about being lazy and than further give credit to that post by being really lazy...oops!! but i have been feeling a serious lack of having something blog worthy to post about!! so i have a is a quick hodge podge list recapping my goings on in the last little bit!!

1. my mom celebrated her fiftieth year

2. i have been scrapping a lot lately...but have consistently forgotten to purchase new camera batteries and cannot take pics and show you!!

3. dealing with the mean, fun of having a dayhome again!!!

4. trying to organize having a french exchange student come stay with us this excited about that!!

5. re-designing our summer...we have had to make some decisions about our summer plans...change, rethink, and cancel...but it's all is all for the greater good and i am excited!!

6. bugging my husband about getting the mudding and sanding done so i can paint my classroom...i should have been done by now!! soo...i really this weekend, right babe??

7. planning the house reno's and yard reno's we want to get done so we can sell...didn't see that one coming did you!! yup...we have a plan...and if all goes well we will be flipping this house in about 1 to 2 maybe 3 years, and grabbing on to our dream home and life!!!

8. getting designs for lotus paperie done...a new challenge goes up tomorrow for march's kit...and this kit is really great!!!

9. went shopping for me for the first time in months!!! have awedding reception this weekend and went to find something fun and ended up with some really cute summer/spring stuff instead...oops :)

10.ronda has a fun challenge up on her blog...a personal one, that she has invited everyone to join her on...still need to get mine done...but that brings us back to needing batteries for the camera, lol!!!

11. jay's truck is getting fixed this weekend...woohoo!!! i am going to continue with the walking...but it's nice to know i will be doing it cuz i want to and not have to and i won't feel wuite so trapped, lol!!!

12. dakota seems to have grown up over night...he has become so independant...walking to school by himself, neighbourhood kids coming over to cal on him, exploring the neighbourhood, playing at the park across the street by himself...he's doing so much on his own...don't know if i am ready for it, lol!!

13. going shopping with my mom this shopping with my mom...haven't done it in awhile!!

14. have a hair appointment next thursday...changing the colour and i think i might change up the style a bit!!

15. today i had an unexpected day off of dayhome and get to have a mommy and delainey (or as delainey calls herself and it seems to have stuck, dainey...yeah, she talks about herself inthe thirs's cute!!) day!!!

have a fabulous day ladies!!



  1. Sounds busy! I hope your plans for your classroom move along as planned for you...I took a class of yours at Crop for Kids and would totally drive down for a class one day when all is ready!

  2. hey chicka the sell has gone thru love that cj that must have taken forever and where did you get that felt!!!

  3. good things!
    it's friday and the kids are home. have a great day with them.

  4. Sounds like you have some wonderful things going on!!!

  5. Sounds like you have some wonderful things going on!!!

  6. You are a busy bee! I think it's really awesome that you live close and that you are so close to your Mom. I hope you get through all this with ease and peace girl!
    Oh...and you've been tagged! Check out my blog!
    Love ya honey,