Friday, March 21, 2008

catching up...

sorry it's been so long...been kind of crazy hectic around here...and i am super you get the quick recap...

  • jay got his truck fixed on saturday...YAY!!! still walking but it's nice to know i have a vehicle should need one.

  • monday we woke up to a gas leak in our house...we are all fine...but i had to call my husband home from work and get everyone out of the house because the smell was so bad, had to cancel dayhome for the day...but jay got it fixed...remember me mentioning the having a vehicle when i needed one?? yup...that was awesome...i got me and the kids in the van, drove to timmies for a hot chocolate and we toured our pajama's!!

  • dakota ended up with the flu...stayed home from school monday, tuesday, wednesday.

  • been busy giving the easter bunny a hand with making homemade hollow chocolate eggs filled with mini eggs, easter sugar, cookies, no scrapbooking except for my lotus paperie creation for today's challenge

  • even no with no scrapbooking i have been trying to get some time to create...been hanging out when i can at just cre8...they are having their birthday bash and there are some fun challenges going on...and goodies to be given out!!! go play!!!

  • we started easter long weekend today...we cleaned the house, did laundry, i had an interview for another dayhome placement, we ran into red deer to grab b-day presents and easter goodies, i finished up the helping hand i was giving the easter bunny, dakota and haillee went to a bowling b-day party tonight

  • saturday we are doing spring cleanup in our yard, dakota has 2 b-days to attend on saturday, we are decorating our easter egg tree...yes i will have pics to show!!! sunday is our day of rest...looking forward to that!! monday i am painting my classroom....finally!!! and tuesday see us into the week...which, who knows what that will bring!!

so now i a going to bed...but i will leave you with my lotus paperie creation!!!


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  1. Wow!! That's A LOT going on!!!
    I love that layout....just gorgeous!!