Thursday, March 27, 2008

earth hour

so i wanted to get in a quick post today to talk about something know that saying...there is power in one?? I love that...simple and easy. there is power in one. all it take is one person to make a change...stand up for start finish something. ONE. it takes one decision. one step. one action. one belief to start something HUGE!!!

we have made many changes in our lives and are continuing to make many more. we have taken a huge step to cut down on our energy consumption. we have tried to keep our buying to local and canandian. we have gone back to homemade food instead of the quick and easy processed convenience foods. we recycle EVERYTHING!!! we have started to get into homemade cleaners and air fresheners...these are amazing!!! and smell so much better than the chemical ones from the store. we are planting a garden this spring. we are trying to decorate with reclaimed and reused items as much as possible. another favourite thing of mine...old is new. we walk instead of driving.

but these are our decisions...we did this for our family and for the environment. with all the information out there today, it's hard to ignore. but for me i wanted to make these changes to teach my show them that there is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with our lives...not just in the way we govern ourselves with the laws of society...but in the way we live...and how that affects our surrounding environment. i wanted to teach them about solutions...not leave them with problems.

many times of late i have found myself having a discussion with jay about the simplicity of life from back in the day. and no, i am not referring to 10 or 20 years ago...i am talking about a hundred years ago...or more...simplicity out of necessity. but think about eco friendly some of that way of life was?? I am not suggesting we all revert back...i am simply saying that some of those ways, though not modern, aren't really inconvenient and can be easily incorporated into our lives again.

so that brings me to earth hour. this saturday. a simple movement. it reinforces the power of one. check it out and i hope, like me, that some of you sign up and participate. let me know if you do...i would love to see how many people participate. spread the word...tell your friends, blog about word, makes a big difference!!! earth hour


  1. This is a great post, and I so agree with you about these things. I don't do near enough, but I have tried to start doing some "little" things. i have a canvas bag that I take now to the store with me. And I always push "no" when the ATM machine asks if I need a receipt. Little things can save trees, huh? :-) I will go check out the site you mentioned!

  2. I really need to be doing more in this regard.
    I have bookmarked the site and will be checking it out!
    Thanks Jessi:)