Sunday, March 9, 2008

spring fever

it happens every year!! the weather starts to warm, the snow melts, out comes the muck and the mud with the sun...and i get fooled into thinking spring is almost here. i pull out the capri's...the cute tops that just make you feel like skipping down the street with a big smile on your face...and than...SMACK!!! alberta reminds you, once more, that winter isn't done yet!!

but so smack i am enjoying the illusion that spring could be on it's way!! it's sunny, it's 8c today...and i have been able to enjoy my sun porch and the view we have in the afternoons with my tea!! so perfect!!

Sunporch i cannot wait to renovate this many fun ideas for for that this spring/summer!!

View i got my album covers completed for ronda's time challenge...and i love how it turned out...

Time_album the first challenge for this album gave me the perfect excuse to brow beat my husband into taking some new photo's of me...he did a really good job...

014 007_2 010 008 there's some more, but in an effort to keep this post a reasonable length i am not going to show them all, lol!! my new profile pic is from this shoot too...totally put me in a spring mood!!!

i received my just cre8 kit...o out of my comfort zone in colour combinations...but such a great challenge and it has been fun playing...

Findingindependance Discoveryourcharm and lastly...i went shopping with my mom yesterday...i this time with my mom!! my mom spoiled me yesterday...and haillee too!! haillee got some pretty cute stuff from old spring, including bright yellow pants that can roll into capri' them!! my mom bought me some new bake ware in a show of support our back to homemade life style, and this...

Coffee soooooooooooooooo in love!!! thank you mom!!!! and my random shot of the day...a super cute find while shopping yesterday....delainey's new rain boots...

Rain_boots so y'all have a fabulous sunday afternoon...and for those that live in areas that follow daylight savings...don't forget to set your clocks!!!



  1. Where to much to comment on. Love that you are able to use that awesome front next visit will have to be in the kind of weather that supports sitting on that porch. Love the shots of you....I've seen them all! Those layouts are awesome, you should move out your comfort zone more often. Lastly I want Delainey's boots because those are so COOL!

  2. great stuff!
    i love your photos, especially the first one.
    yay for wellies!
    your lo's look great and so does your time miniBOOK.
    happy latte-ing!

  3. Cute photos! Hehe -- we got "smacked" this weekend after some gorgeous days!

  4. Awesome pictures!!! Lookin good girl!!! I bought the same boots for Danika!

  5. so jealous of that Sun room! And the machine that produces happiness in a cup.
    Great pics of you, too!

  6. Great layouts with the Cre8 kit!!
    Great photos ~ can't wait to see your layouts:)

  7. LOVE the sunporch... and those photos of you... and... THOSE bright colorful layouts!! Gosh! I Love them so much!!! xoxo