Thursday, March 13, 2008

word up!!!

did y'all FIND your way over to OLW yet?? for those of you that have...fabulous!! for those of you who haven't...ummm...what are you waiting for?? get!!! WAIT!! WAIT!!! before you go you can at least check out my LO, lol!!! amber chose the word this week...i chose again to do a LO that is close to my heart. this is my sister and sort of a reminder to her that she is beautiful, in amidst her struggles(see this post for more info)...Finding_beauty

so...i was hit with some sudden inspiration yesterday...well actually about 2 days ago...but it was yesterday that i was able to make it happen...wanna see??

020 021 022

023024 025 026 027 so what was all that?? well those are dresses i made when haillee's was about a year old...i saved them...and now delainey is finally big enough at 27 months to fit them...i know...haillee was a BIG baby!! her birth weight was 9lbs 10oz...and she has really grown into would never know that she was a monster at birth, lol!! delainey was 7lbs it has taken her a bit to catch up, lol!! actually...funny story...i didn't know what to do with delainey...she was my smallest baby...dakota weighed in at 8lbs 3oz...but neither of those 2 ever fit into the newborn baby clothes...they have good solid dutch blood in them, lol!! so delainey comes along and is tiny and dainty and about as light as a feather...and fit nothing that we had bought for her. come on now!! we were basing everything on the previous 2!!! so while i was in the hospital i had to send jay to old navy to get delainey a whole new wardrobe...well at least something to bring her home in!! and yes...i am a ware of what can happen when a daddy goes shopping for girls clothes...but jay actually did a really good job!!! anyway...i totally digress...back to the dresses...

i don't what exactly made me suddenly decide to pull them out and take a pic...but i love them and thought they deserved their moment in the girls' scrapbooks. another digression...the red and white dress is the dress i made for haillee's first birthday...and my favourite!! if y'all haven't figured it out by now...i love simplicity...and these dresses i love for that reason...they are simple and speak of days from somewhere in the past...and i love making them!! i make new ones every summer for haillee and now delainey...but these were my first ones so they hold a special place in my heart and have some memories attached to them as well. these are the ones that will passed down...and i hope treasured in the years down the road!!

wow...i seriously meant to keep this short and mostly photo's...oops!! will show you the new batch of dresses that i make this the mean time i leave you with some photo's i took yesterday of my girls and one of dakota who has just earned his green stripe in tae kwon proud of him!!!

Haillee_bw Windy_delainey 005 so have a fabulous thursday everyone!!



  1. cool dresses and i love that lo and there is miss delainey she looks like a bit of trouble in that pic lol!!!

  2. Wow! I am impressed! When I finally have a girl, I may just hire you out!

  3. Gorgeous dresses! My fav is the red and white one too! :)
    Sewing, another thing I suck at .. right up there with PS! LOL!!
    Dutch blood ~ I got some of that too. *wink*

  4. It's been a while since I've dropped by so just thought I'd pop in and say a quick "Hi!" Love that you're taking photos of all those little dresses. I had sewn a lot of dresses for my girls as well (seems like forever ago) but, sadly, they've been long since given away. Wish I'd have thought to take some photos. You're one talented lady!

  5. so cool!
    i love little dresses and when you get to twirl around and around.

  6. WOW those are gorgeous dresses!!!
    Great LO, love the butterflies!

  7. I LOVE your layout, and I love the pictures of all the dresses!!! My Sydney will just about only wear dresses and I just love pretty, Spring-y ones like the ones you have. I know you are excited about Delainey wearing them now!

  8. First of all another gorgeous layout! Love it! Love those sweet little dresses brings back so many memories of sewing when my kids were little and the pics of your kids are so sweet! Have a great weekend!

  9. Those are really cute dresses, but I had to comment on the adorable hangers. My girls would love those, too cute!

  10. Those dresses are gorgeous Jessi! It so makes me want to have little girls and get you to make dresses for them :) hehe
    We'll have to catch up on Yahoo one of these days, haven't chatted in ages. Miss ya!
    <3 Gillian

  11. Wow, that is all I can say. You have amazed me again. Walking kids to school, making clothes, ugh... you rock!! :)

  12. Jessi, I love your homemade dresses. they are such precious articles the girls will cherish when they are older! I am glad you shared them with us! And I really like how you have been scrapbooking really heartfelt layouts. It's the true meaning of this art I think. Thanks for inspiring us!

  13. Hi Jess :)
    I *adore* those dresses!
    Wish you lived closer..I'd def. want a few for my girlies..and maybe a couple for me ;)

  14. I just love your LO for the OLW challenge. Your simple style is beautiful. Your pics of the little dresses are so cute. Makes me want to start sewing for my dd.

  15. Those dresses are absolutely adorable! You are a rockin' seamstress (?-spelling) I was about to ask where you got them because I just know they would look very cute on my Stella so, never mind but they are truly Fabulous dresses!!