Thursday, April 3, 2008

happy mail day

don't you love those days when you open your mail box and instead of bills you have packages of scrappity goodness??? so love those days...i had one yesterday and today and another a couple of days ago!!!

when i received my lotus paperie kit a couple of days ago, i opened it to find a thank you gift, a sheet of hambly journaling spot rubons, from vanessa on top of the fabulous kit sweet and a BIG thank you to you, vanessa!!!

i got 2 boxes from ronda filled with scrappity stuff...tons and tons of it, i am, of course, in heaven!!! and the other box contained the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts...a beautiful butterfly wind chime and a wind spinner, a bag of colouring supplies for my daughters and a homemade card collector album for my son!!! such a  good mail day!! thanks ronda for such thoughtful gifts!!

than today i had the pleasure of opening my mailbox to find a sweet little card from my friend beth....just saying hi!!! how do you not smile and have your day brighten by that kind of thoughtfulness??? so thanks beth for giving me an extra reason to smile today!!

so i urge everyone to send someone special a little something to make them smile...a homemade card, a surprise goodie...doesn't have to big...just something that when the recipient receives it, it will put a HUGE smile on their face and make them feel special and thought of!! give someone happy mail!!!

i have a little a little something up my sleeve to hopefully bring a smile to the intended recipients!!!

have a fabulous day!!


  1. i like your idea... i am on it! LOL.

  2. i like your idea... i am on it! LOL.

  3. such a great idea...I have a HUGE stash of cards just waiting for new homes!

  4. You so deserve it my friend! I loved those chimes! And Dakota gets on the phone to say thank you....that made my day!