Saturday, May 3, 2008


what's on your agenda today??? i have some good things planned for today!! all three kids are going to be on sleepovers...WOOHOO!!! jay and i are having a DATE NIGHT!!! it's been so long!!! going out for supper to celebrate his promotion!!! yup...he got promoted to superintendent after just over a year of completing his apprenticeship!!! so proud of him!! got the fenced moved, did that make a huge difference in our backyard!! getting some new good top soil today so we can reseed and get started on our veggie garden! hoping to get some scrapping in, it is national scrapbooking day!!! and plans to watch the a&e version of pride and prejudice with the handsome colin firth as the romantic mr. darcy!!! thank you ronda!!!

so have a fabulous saturday!! don't forget to go here, if you haven't already, to check out the first class being offered at the inked barn


  1. hey i am thinking i might be in trouble i did leave you a note to leave them in my mailbox did you have trouble finding the house? i had to go to work i hope i am not in trouble lol please forgive me lol!!

  2. hope you had a good night.
    miss you!

  3. Sounds pretty great, love Date happens about twice a year for us....Have a great time with Mr. Darcy!

  4. I have my veggie seedlings ready to go in the soil too. Next time we Im I will give you some of my non chemical garden remedies!! LOL. :)

  5. hey girl! It's been a while since I've been over here. Looks like your inked barn stuff is going well!
    I just looked at some of the classes stuff and I love that Little Book of Friends! Great colors (I just bought that line of MME paper recently!), and great simple design!