Friday, May 30, 2008


i am stunned at how fast may went!! i cannot believe that i am on the verge of seeing dakota complete grade one and haillee complete kindergarten....INSANE!!!! i have had a really hard time keeping track of time this month....and lot of computer time has gone astray, lol!!! it's crazy...but i will let you know now's a sign of things to come...i won't be around much between now and the start up of school in the fall...summer is busy  for us like for everyone here is a quick recap of things gone on in my month of may...

  • tore apart the living room to redecorate, changed the paint colour, revamping some old's some sneaks!!! when it is all done i will post before and afters!!


  • i can grow things...woohoo!!! our veggie garden has the cutest micro mini line of lettuce and radishes cool!!! and everything else we have planted is doing well, including the grass...we had to tear up our entire backyard and reseed!! here's a look...

Garden_2we are totally excited to be on the countdown until our french exchange student comes!!! ame will be here june 25th and is going to be spending the summer with us. she is coming from quebec...a province i have yet to day!!! anyway...say hi to ame....salut!!!

Moii_2 and finally...the last challenge of may is up on lotus paperie...this one is fun!!! we also say goodbye to the old DT: sallie, christine, and danielle and welcome the new DT: chrissy and gillian!!! here is what i created and i also managed to get a little extra project in...

002Love_this_family more thing...i don't want to overload this post with a tone of photo's...i have been have a blast taking pics lately and i am getting some really great shots...if you want, check them out on my flickr!!

so have a fabulous afternoon, i am off to the park and school pick up and then...dude!! it's friday!! it's all about the good...gonna think about getting a little creative this weekend!!!



  1. dude. i love what you did with the alpha cutout thingy. it's so cool.

  2. dude. i love what you did with the alpha cutout thingy. it's so cool.

  3. hey looks good!!!!did you see the pics i put up on my blog of the new house ??

  4. i'm with you ... where is this year going? i guess time flies when you are having fun! lol!

  5. Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog! ;) I love love LOVE what you did with the chipboard matrix. Flippin' awesome!