Monday, June 2, 2008

a few of my favourite things...

001hmmmmmm...pretty tempting huh??? wanna know how you can get your hands on a few of my favourite things??? and would it be incredibly mean to make you wait?? well wait you will have to do!!! i promise it will only be for a couple of stay tuned to find out how you get your hands my favourite things!! and when it's revealed so will a full photo so you can see how fun it is!!!

moving on!!! our weekend was pretty laid back...spent a lot of time on making lists to finalize some projects and some summer plans!!!

worked in our veggie garden....radishes, beets, lettuce, spinach...o my!!! so excited to see things sprouting!!!

my living room is finally put together again with the exception of one shelf still needing some when that is done i will post photo's!!

started planning haillee's birthday...she will be turning 6 in july...we are having it early, about 3 weeks early, lol, so that her friends will be around to attend. we are going to have an old fashioned birthday party!! haillee is super excited about it!!

finishing up the plans on our canada day bbq being in a house now...we can finally accommodate things like this!! and in true monica stewart style (if you don't know, this is a deliberate combo of names...ronda laughingly described me as monica gellar and martha stewart when it came to planning things....monica stewart...and it stuck!!! LOL!!)

this week is about finishing up more stuff...too many to list!!! so with that i am off...have a fabulous monday everyone!!!



  1. hmmm pretty the colors. Yes you are Monica Stewart! And that's a great thing to be. Can't wait to see the whole room. Tell haillee to stop growing up!

  2. awe jessi... fabulous peek... so glad u can have fun in ur house now! love you.. miss you... xo

  3. i knew immediately who MS