Sunday, June 29, 2008


welcome amelie to our house!!! our exchange student arrived on the middle of my 100th post game, lol!!!

it has been 4 days and sooooooooooooooooo much fun!!! she is super sweet....super cute...and my only concern is that she is gonna get bored, lol!!!
Ameliemy kids absolutely love her...and i am praying that their constant monopolizing of her time doesn't send packing and heading back to quebec!!! we are hoping she has a blast this summer with us!!

thank yo to all of you who played with me on my 100th post...that was so much fun and had me laughing soooooooooo hard!!! the winners are...

if you girls (well except you ronda, i already have yours!! lol!!) email me your address, i will mail out your RAK's!!! again, thanks for playing!!

alright!! i am off to sew some aprons for haillee's birthday party, get some details arranged for our canada day bbq, finish painting my sun porch floor (next post you get pics of my, now completed living room, and finished sun porch!!!)

have a fabulous sunday!!! salut!!!


  1. so glad you are having fun ... so cool to meet new people, we will chat again soon! luv chanel

  2. Have fun, she is beautiful! Sew aprons, man I thought I was creative ripping muslin for pirate bandanas!! LOL You are the cananada martha stewart!