Monday, June 23, 2008


ran across this blog this weekend while following links...very cool.

this is the busiest woman i have ever met...pregnant...still teaching classes and a few days overdue now!!! dude!!! when i was pregnant i quit working at 3 months, lol!!! but there is some great stuff going on over there...very cool.

ame comes on wednesday...waaaaaaaaaaaaay cool!!!

got more paint...sun porch paint.

got even more finish up the shelving units for our living room.

had a fabulously busy and fun weekend...good friends...good food...good hang time...just cool.

came across some great songs that i absolutely love (some are old too and i was thinking why had i never heard these before!!!) jewel : stand, hands (careful, video could bring tears); natasha bedingfield: wild can hear more of the music i found on the playlist i added to my sidebar. very cool

hope you all enjoyed your first days of summer...we here's to having more fabulous days of summer!!!!


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  1. I love Jewel...I've always been a huge fan of all her albums....I'm a sucker for folky music...good music choices;) Isn't the player fun? much better than having the videos...I'm all over it! oh and FYI..the porch is looking fabby! My deck gets started on finally tomorrow!!!!! then fill for my yard..then a fence..then grass!!!! tell me it isn't so!!! LOL