Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Finding_the_strength_2there is a letter tucked inside the library pocket, it reads:

the hardest things as a parent is stepping back...letting you find your own way....letting you make mistakes...not being there to catch you when you before you fall. i know you are going to have your heart broken. i know you are going to find and lose friends. i know that you are going to hear hurtful words and probably from someone you trust. i know you are going to make mistake after mistake as you discover what is right for you. i know all this...i know that i can't stop it. i know that i have to watch from a distance and be there to help pick up the pieces, fix the broken heart, and correct mistakes-but-only if you allow my help. i know you are going to shut me out, push me away. and i know that i have to let you. i know life isn't always going to easy or kind. it's going to be tough and hard. but i also know you are going to have shining moments, beautiful moments. moments that make it all worth it. moments that create you, define you, shape you.moments that make you STRONG. i know as a parent, as hard as it this is, this is my greatest gift to you. finding the STRENGTH to allow you to be you.

i love you always, mom

for the first time in awhile....a long while...the journaling came first. when i thought about what i wanted to do with this weeks word at OLW, i thought about the strength garnered from being a parent. i thought about all the things i want to protect my kids from, but can't. i thought about the things i want to say to them...and decided to write a letter. i do have plans on creating a page for  dakota and delainey and including this letter. the title for the page i did as a quote from my letter...i quoted the last line.

so where do you find your strength....what makes you strong??? how does strong apply to you?? we would love to see what you come up with over at OLW....come and play with us!!!


  1. I am strong... strong smelling... LOL. Jsut kidding. I love this Lo, the journaling is very touching too. I think my faith is the only thing that keeps me going alot of times, that and Micah, he is my rock!

  2. amazing words...amazing...
    & you know what is funny? i think i needed those words too this week :)