Thursday, July 17, 2008


if pigs could fly....i would be a movie star
if i had a million dollars i would be set for life
if the colour of the sky of the sky was purple instead of blue we would have beautiful indigo sunsets
if OLW next word was IF...wait a is!!!!what would be your IF?? mine was an in the moment page. i IM so much with ronda...our connection is UNREAL!!! and lately lots of phone calls as i have sadly been neglecting her on IM...and i am hoping the phone calls earn me some brownie points...heehee!! is it working ronda??

ANYWAYS...usually our conversation has at least!! if you lived closer we could do this in person!!!! shopping, drinking chai, scrapping....the list is endless of what we would do IF we lived closer. so here is my page....extremely simple in design...but our friendship needs no complication, right?? ( okay i know...totally cheese-y...but it's my justification for the page design being the result of slump, lol!!) hey ronda!! IF we lived closer you wouldn't have to give me cyber smacks!!! ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!
If_we_lived_closerhave a fabulous's errand day here...and then this weekend is crammed full of things...west edmonton mall and treasured memories ( the awesomest scrap store in this neck of the woods...and i have to say the girl who owns and operates this store is truly inpspiring!!!) tomorrow, farmer's market and westerner days on saturday, and calgary zoo on sunday!!! will have LOTS of pics for you!!!!



  1. okay, this, this is NOT a simple LO... it is beautiful! I love it. :) Tell ronda to stop the cybersmakage !!LOL.

  2. i love your cute page ...
    sorry i have been mia ... i will explain when we catch up, some crazy stuff has been happening!
    i did see you pop on skype the other day ... i had to take yahoo off as it was interfering with the other chats ... sorry. Did you get skype working again? i would love to catch up again ... lets see what we can work out
    enjoying the rest of your week
    luv chanel

  3. another awesome layout.
    good friends are the best.
    happy monday to you!

  4. hello Jessi,
    I can see your summer, in the colours of the LO. Probably won't get this OLW done, due to an offline week,followed by a nasty flu week..
    those carrot tops look grand!!!
    and is that some beet? you inspire me to go digging again. but, being winter here, the garden is resting.
    right now, am working on two gorgeous flower-girl dresses, getting the stitching mojo flowing.
    all the best,
    if you go to saskatchewan zoo, greet the white tiger cubs for us!!!

  5. so continuing the cyber smacks...if I don't keep you in line who will? And yes the phone calls make up for the MIA on IM...but DUDE can you please get on sometimes...