Friday, July 25, 2008


going so busy...can't stay on top of my blog at all!!

we have been to the calgary zoo, west edmonton mall, the westerner fair, the westerner parade, and the parks. we have scrapbooked, weeded the garden, bbq'd fabulous food, had oakley get out the yard twice, and watched some good movies.

and now i can't believe it's nearing the end of july!! wow!! and since things haven't slowed are some pics and then i am out of here for a little babysitting this morning and trip to the beach this afternoon!!

008 012_2





020_2004_3 more things before i go...the last challenge for july over at lotus paperie... Challenge_82018_3a little treasure/keepsake box...thought it turned out pretty cute!! the challenge piece is super cute!!

so have a fabulous day!!


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  1. the picture of the kiddos eating ice cream is so cute!! Glad you guys are having a fun (and busy!!) summer!! :)