Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ketchup :P many things i meant to post many things i haven't posted about, lol!!! so a quick "ketchup" is in order, i think!!!

amelie...left us...yup...pretty sad...miss her a lot..little miss d misses her like crazy!!!

the veggie garden is coming to an end...peas, potatoes, zuchini, carrots, and lettuce are in abundance. we are now pulling certain plants for compost as they die quick, it seems like we just planted it!! HUGE plans for next year...BIG expansion, lol!!

jay has been sick...took just over a week off work because of it

i had a fabulous time at a girls BBQ hosted by kim...and am sad to have met lisa, love her, and find out she is moving back to kelowna this week :(

the kids had an open house at school today to meet teachers, pick desks, and lockers...5 days...o yeah party and count down and dancing has commenced!!

moved my scrap space down to the basement so we can move our bathroom into that space...the walls in that room have been taken down to stud, the original ceiling has been exposed (BEAD BOARD!!!!!) and now jay is moving into the rewiring and plumbing of the room...yes excited!!

been scrapping a bit...but just a bit...we have been so busy with the wind down of summer that we have been really trying to soak up the last of it...winters are long, too we gotta take what we can!!

i am teaching, again, at scrapbooker's paradise...i missed teaching and my classroom has had to be put on the back burner...i am okay with first class is in october, excited about that.

spending lots of time at the river with the family and pup

got a new pet addition in our family...found a kitten up a tree in our backyard and can't find the tags, phoned all the local vets, put up posters, spread the word in our one has claimed him...but he is adorable and loved by we decided to keep him instead of sending him to a eli, the orange striped kitten has joined our family!!

so i hope you all are having a fabulous week and don't forget that OLW has a new word up...miss tiff chose the word....ciao!!!



  1. Gorgeous layout Jessi! SO sad that summer is coming to an end.... enjoy your last few days of it!

  2. your blog's looking grand. a fresh new coat! Hope it's okay that I've linked you?

  3. btw, did I miss the finished porch - it looked so inviting...