Wednesday, September 24, 2008


such a contingent word to's like it's own pulses into our lives and with each beat adds something to our lives. it's defining. it's exciting. it's crippling. it's bold. it's sweet and's complicated. change is vital to us...we grow from it...we begin and end from it. and we always have the ability to mold it...somehow, in little or big ways.

i am always telling my kids that they have the ability to influence the changes in their lives...that they need to embrace changes, good or bad...they have the "ability to change their stars"...

Change_your_stars this week, at OLW...lynn's choice of word is's a beautiful post by her... a beautiful word choice. go see what change means to lynn and what the other OLW gals have created...let me tell you, there is some really beautiful stuff there this week!!!

have a fabulous day!!!


  1. Great layout Jess!
    Yes, so true. We just embarked on a big change. It has been interesting but I know it is best for our family and we will adapt.

  2. Love this Jessi! Gorgeous layout! Happy Friday!

  3. Jessi Jessi Jessi...
    This LO is absolutely one of my all time faves you have ever made! I LOVE the mix of the products you picked and the journaling is awesome... a little first knight inspired? (Love that!!) Seriously, this is so great...