Tuesday, September 9, 2008


what you do. who you are. where you are. why you are.how you are. love what is right now...what will be tomorrow...and what was yesterday. love...so simple...so sweet...so pure...so needed...so necessary. love is the foundation of everything meaningful...love, is all you need. well....at least for me...what does love inspire in you??? ronda chose this weeks word for OLW...and i love it for it's simplicity...for it's obviousness...for it's profound affect on our lives.

i did something different this week...i haven't been feeling very scrappy lately...creative, yes...scrappy, no!! so chose to do a project...my daughters...yes both of them ( story on that after, lol!!), start dance on the 16th...this is haillee's third year...she LOVES it...and simply because i LOVE her, i made her a dance bag (made one for delainey too....again, more on that after, lol!)...and i decided since it was a project based on LOVE...that it was to become my next project for OLW...

Love_what_you_do Love_what_you_do2 Love_what_you_do_3

so let's see what LOVE inspires you to do this week!!!

okay....miss d!! she has been waiting for her chance to start dance class...seriously!! she used to throw a fit when haillee would go to dance class and the door was shut on her...she didn't understand why she was shut out...she created her own dance class. yup!! everyday, at home, she goes to dance class!! she pushes the musical button on her leapster farm animals fridge gadget...the one that plays hokey farm like music...and says..."mama, i at dance class. watch me...are you watching??" yes delainey i am watching. "see?? see my dance class?? i am at dance class!!!" all this while spinning and twirling with her arms above her head. yeah...i think it's seriously cute!!

so...we go to register haillee for dance and jay asks when delainey gets to start...i said three. so i asked the miss joy if she could start in january or if she should wait until september 09. miss joy says...well her birthday is december so we will take her now if you think she would want to. think she would want to?? are you kidding me?? this girl has been planning her dance career since basically she was born!!! if she's ready, HA!! okay let me tell you...YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON MY 2.5yr old's face...seriously....up to that point she had been scowling at miss joy...she does that to people she doesn't know and DARE speak to her...her eyes widened, her mouth dropped and she gasped and then she had the biggest smile on her face as she repeatedly over and over chanted...i get to go to my own real dance class...just like haillee...my own...all by myself (and yes for those of you who don't know this particular 2 yr. old...she speaks that well...ask ronda!!!). and her joy and excitement continued as she got fitted for her own leotard and slippers...

004_2 007 005 009 011 so yeah...i had to make another bag for delainey...with strawberry shortcake ballerina's on it!!! her pick, lol!! but made with LOVE nonetheless!!

hope everyone has a fabulous wednesday!!


  1. those are some serious cool bags and miss d looks all in her glory!!!

  2. So sweet. :) We went through the same thing when Chastity started dance and Emma wanted to join but was too young. Love those bags, they're beautiful, lucky girls. :)

  3. this is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! dancing is such an amazing way of life. (and lots of work from moms too) Thanks for those treasured photo's.
    you may also like to take a peek at wordle.net
    I just made this one, inspred by wilna's new class...

  4. Miss D does speak that well! And that little Dance was for me....LOVE that. LOVE those bags, LOVE the LOVE behind them, LOVE other creative outlets. way to go my friend, they are beautiful!

  5. Those bags are precious! And adorable story about D!

  6. oh my goodness, that's just the sweetest thing (and so is the little model).

  7. Oh my word... the bags are too cute...if I promise to dance around the kitchen to the leapster will you make me one? LOL. I LOVE that picture of Delainey too, where she has the bag on her shoulder... Jess, she looks like a little model!! Beautiful! Love you, and thank for sharing your creations with us... so inpspiring! :)