Monday, October 20, 2008


i wanted to get in a quick post to share some creative goodness!!! i played in the online crop over at just cre8 this was fun, good times :D!!! i didn't get as much time in to scrap as i wanted....but ah well!! haillee ended up getting a sinus infection and fever and had to go to the hospital to get some drugs!!! she is doing okay now....but she has consumed a lot of my time the last couple of days....and even tho she is sick....i have to admit...i enjoyed it!!! some good mama/daughter bonding!! today we worked on some crafty things to keep her mind off her headache.

last night after all kidlets were in bed, i managed to get in some quick creative i thought i would share a LO from saturday, and the 2 cards i made last night!!

LO created for a sketch/requirements challenge...and i love how it came out!!

Myboy first card , challenge was to use buttons as something other then buttons, so i made mine flowers.Hellocard and this card is my favourite card ever!!! i really love how it came out and am not sure how i am going to part with it...maybe i will just keep it ;)...the challenge was to use a quote on the card instead of the typical hi, happy birthday, hello greetings

Lovecard my favourite part, aside from that amazingly simple and beautiful quote, is the lace flower....inspired by a wordster over at OLW who stuck these adorable little flowers all over her KEEP mini i HAD to try making my own!! loved how it turned out...and it was super easy!!!!

so hope you have managed to have a little creativeness in your day today...i am off to be creative with supper :P, and finish up some crafts with hailee.



  1. Your first layout is just absolutely perfect Jessi!! I wish I could steal a bit of your mojo, as mine seems to have gone missing! Your cards are fabulous too.. and if you ever decide to part with one, you could just send it my way ;) hehe
    Hope your little one is feeling better, I was sick with a sinus infection last week and it's no fun at all.

  2. Oh my word... that LO is AWESOME! I love it! I know a good friend you could send that lovely card to, she promises to hang it in her scrap room even... heehee!!
    :) Hope Haillee is all better real soon!

  3. Lovely creativeness Jessi! Have a great day!

  4. oooooooo! I love that quote card too. Should I email you my address? ;o) Hi Jessi, just tryin' to catch up on some reading! Love your creative goodness! Happy Autumn!

  5. great card, and yes, even love is a form of imagination, especially the part when we FALL in love....

  6. Hey Jessi,
    That page of Dakota is the boyishness of it! Might have to do a little scraplift of that one, darlin'! Thanks for sharing!
    Miss you