Wednesday, October 22, 2008


imagine all the possiblities when you imagine ONE thing...


so tell me...what do you imagine?? today was my word choice for OLW...and i chose imagine. we, i don't think, realize how powerful we really are. when you think about how dreams are built, goals are acheived, and life is's all dependant upon one thing...what we imagine it to be. we take a thought...a tiny seed...and imagine it's greatest potential...and it's beautiful to see the things that come from is beautiful to see life lived in such a way. john lennon said it best when he said "imagine all the people, living for today". so, imagine...

have a fabulous day!!


  1. absolutely beautiful when you can see the world for it's potential, for it's love. Perfect words friend.

  2. Fabby! What's life without imagination....without imagining the most wonderful of things? great layout by the way....Cheers!