Tuesday, October 14, 2008


keep faith. keep hope. keep love close to you. keep your cool....keep your head...keep understaning, and patience. keep loyal. keep friends. keep a smile close at hand, always. keep positive...keep your spirtits. keep to your path...keep your heart full!

Keep something very cool about this week's OLW...okay, last week's...OLW joined up with pencil lines sketches for a collaborative effort...both temas created with the word KEEP and used the pencil lines sketch...so much fun!!! so before heading to OLW to play and check out the other CT/DT creations...head to pencil lines to check out the sketch!!

i am off to sew a fairy princess costume today...so have a fabulous day!!! and don't foget about submitting to OLW Ct call...you know you want to!! today is your last day for submissions!!



  1. o DEAR. your photo's. That's must be the baddest thing about digital images. Now I'd better do some backups.
    Here comes a fresh hug, anyway!

  2. I love this page. It's gorgeous!!

  3. Hi Jessi! Just popping by to say hello! Have a great day!

  4. hey! the fall pictures look like they are the ones in bower where my 2 secret logs are ha ha! I am hoping to get some tomorrow while it is 17 but I think my time has past:( And no...I never did get those pics to upload maybe jay needs to smack my dell computer around a bit!

  5. ooooooooo Your layout is so rich looking! Beautiful! And I really am sorry you lost your photos. I did that but not nearly as bad and I was not right for a couple of days. It's hard and I'm sending you bug hugs honey!

  6. another beauty Jess! I love it. i so wish we could scrap together!! :( miss you!!