Thursday, October 9, 2008


thanks to technical difficulties...okay, really HUGE glishes in my computer...and some not so bright thinking on my part...i have lost almost an entire year's worth of photo's!!! i know...i cried...well, actually, i sobbed!

my computer has been having some problems...and we got the run around at dell...which was weird for us, as we have always had a really good experience with them...and they told us our problems would be solved for a 170 dollars...not so impressed since we are on warrenty still!!

so jay decided to take matters into his own hands. we spent an entire night burning photo's to, i don't have an external hard drive...and i had gotten a bit neglectful in putting my photo's onto ihad to do from january 2008 to september 2008...i know!! i did say i had been neglectful!! we checked a few cd's...they were burning...good to go!

photo's off...jay wipes my computer clean...everything...back to factory settings...uploads every program all over again...did it work??? o yeah...solved all my pc issues...runs like a dream!!!

well being on a digi kick lately, thanks to karla's beautiful digital kits....went to upload some of my photo's we had just taken off. and since i had some photo's that i considered pretty darn good taken with my new camera, thought...hey! i'll start with september. pop in the cd...blank. what??!!! pop it out, pop it in again...still blank. WTF!!! pop it out...pop in august...blank. duuuuuuuuude!! now i start to panic.

july ended up on 2 cd' i pop in one july cd...PHOTO'S!! o thank god!!! i can handle losing 2 months...not that i am not sad about it...but it's manageable and thank god for flickr, blog posts, and messenger photo sharing where ronda "steals" all the photo's of mine she likes to put into a "jessi" folder on her PC ( o yeah, so had to call you out on that one, lol!!) i can some of the photo's back.

pop in second part of july...blank. a sense of dread washes over me...tears forming...noooooo!! june...blank. tears streaming. may...blank. more tears. april...blank. uncontrollable flood gates open. march...blank. o pretense..just outright sobbing at all the photo and moments and day to day things i have yet to scrap or even print off...gone!

febraury and january cd's held photo's...but hurt! i am okay now about it...nad i have been able to retrieve some photo's thru above mentioned holding places...and amelie was able to mail me all the photo's i burned for her while she was here...which is july and august...but yeah, it still sucks!

and because i can't leave you on a sad note...and i have found a way to move past and still smile...i would love to show you what, aside from a HUGE learning experience this has been (picking up am external hard drive this weekend!), has come out of all this...who would have thought, but an end to my scrap slump....

Thankful_for_you_2 Believe_2 Today_you digital creativeness using the fabulous creations from miss karla dudley over at is thrusday, realease day for her new kits...and there is some beautiful stuff!! my favourite would have to be this one!!! so go and check out the rest of the stuff!!!

products i used are ( you can find all of karla's kits listefd below here)...

thankful: after thought kit, date a star kit,thankful brush set, karla dudley; heaven sent, amy hutchinson

believe: date a star kit,digi essentials elements no.1 kit, digi essentials kit no. 2, karley dudley designs; happy hour kit, collaborative kit from A5D

today you: template no.1, dirty forest kit, artist in me kit, date a star kit, after thought kit, time brush set, digi essentials kit no.1, karla dudley designs; heaven sent, amy hutchinson; happy hour, collaborative kit from A5D

so have a fabulous evening!!


  1. OH NO! I am so sad for your loss of pictures. I lost a few months worth last year when we moved into our new house. I was so sad, but thankful I still had the "lower resolution" shots on the blog and on flickr.

  2. Ohhhh Jess! I'm so sorry to hear about your photos. THat truly sucks big time.
    Awesome digi layouts - I love em.

  3. As I was reading...I was going omyg...omyg...omyg!!!! That sux....but a lesson learned I bet hey? Hugs!

  4. Oh Jessi! That really sucks! So glad you some left though! THanks for the reminder! Gorgeous layouts!
    ps Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Oh I so agonise with you. I had backed my photos up onto an external hard drive. Checked they were there, check not a problem. Cleared my laptop of said photos as it was running slow, (didn't fix the problem but hey) and then about a month later asked my husband to load some photos for me on his laptop so I could print them out. Went to get said external hard drive and by accident dropped it on my slate kitchen floor, thought nothing of it, gave it to husband, nothing then a terrible grinding noise. Totally busted up inside, gave it to a friend who said he could probably fix it, nope - three years of photos gone in a nano second. So I so so feel for you. At least you have the memories but it still doesn't come close to making up for the loss.

  6. Oh no....that is the WORST!!
    But your layouts are GORGEOUS (I esp love the first one!).

  7. Oh my word Jess! I thought i lost all my pics too, and was crying and waiting while our friend got them off the old destroyed hard drive for me... and yep, micah does the external hard drive for me now,every so often. I am soooo sorry about the ones you;ve lost, it stinks, and i won't fake comfort you... i would be sad too! BUT... you do have you amazing new camera, so go... go take tons more today!!!!