Monday, October 27, 2008


so are you guys falling over in shock yet?? at how often i have updated my blog lately?? heehee!! gotta keep you on your toes!!!

monday morning doings...

made cinnamon pecan...YUMMY!!

made peanut butter cookies

making chai shortbread cookies...thanks for the link ronda...can't wait to try these later for tea time!!!

listening to the chaos of dayhome...dude, am i crazy??? i think so, lol!! i have a made a few decisions regarding doing dayhome...but you will have to wait for more on that later.

have a couple of scrap projects to idol challenge for over at just cre8, some digi things for karla, a secret santa project, ornaments for an exchange, christmas cards ( i know, so on the ball this year!! gotta be with our christmas being homemade this year!!)

planning to make homemade lasagna...complete with homemade lasagna sheets...just trying to decide on what kind of lasagna to do...meat, veggie...something different...anyone got any ideas??

happy to report hat my entire list from the previous post was completed...yay!! the kids looked great in their costumes, the cupcakes were cute and a hit but not nearly as pretty as this gal's were i got the idea from...but whatever...first time making them and they tasted good..isn't that all that counts?? and i forgot to take a pic of them...oops!!

leaving you with this pic from the weekend and heading out of here to get on with my day!!



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